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Let’s talk about my journey to becoming CONSISTENTLY profitable over the years. This is how I truly FOCUSED. Forex has been watered down and popularized. The BARE bones of the game is PROFIT in the market. I know MULTIPLE people are “teachers” now.

I’ve learned to STOP listening to everyone. Especially anyone I wouldn’t want to trade places with. Start there…. then continue. One thing about teachers in high school, college, etc…. One day I knew I’d make MORE than my teachers, so I focused on people who had BIG MONEY.

5 Simple Steps:

1. Be PATIENT, trust your set up.
2. Risk Management / Adjust your scale
4. Work smarter, not harder
5. GREED will make you or break you.


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  1. http://Autrinique%20Sullivan

    Cut the noise!! I needed to hear that!

  2. http://Zt%20Wruckiz

    just started in may

  3. http://D%20Huncho

    Yo Trade gang I feel like the trading industry try’s to make you think you need to buy a course or need a mentor. Is that true or can you go solo by vids on YT and self teaching. I’m 16, not tryna buy no course 😪

  4. http://Ricoo%20YT

    if your in the US when you really making money. You’ll see them taxes brooo

  5. http://super%20steve%20gold

    2 months

  6. http://Louis%20Browne

    “Come to the game with a plan” That visual of the guy on the bike had me in stitches 9:02

  7. http://Jagas%20Lukamba

    I’m still new I have been practicing for 1 month

  8. http://Asiya%20San

    Thanks Ty! Wealth wealth wealth and more wealth coming your way!

  9. http://Todd%20Bangz

    Ty, I never traded a day in my life, but I’m trying to learn. I’m a cinematographer, photographer , recording artist, producer. Lost my oldest son, my protege early last year and my life stopped. Grieved for a year and couldn’t work. Lost my clients and moved down south. Then Covid stopped us again. I gotta do something and this would be my restart. It’ll be good to be able to chat with you if possible. Maybe we could help each other.

  10. http://Jedi%20Scum

    I already knocked out most these books on self help and I agree they do change you for the better.

  11. http://Ari%20F

    500 to 5 trillion; hahahhahah +1

  12. http://Davon%20Benson

    To me, it seems like you have to see trading, like your building a house by placing one brick at a time. If try to place too many bricks down at one time, the structure that your building could fall apart.

  13. http://Ronaldo%20Maholo

    I love you bro…your videos do the most blood…I wish you more success brother

  14. http://Tapatio%20Gang

    I’m 2months on demo started with iml and lost everything 500$ lol with “signals” and now I’m on a demo practicing technical analysis and breaks and retests of horizontal levels thru bullish or Bearish trends but haven’t managed to break that break even level .

    1. http://Mitchell%20Geogia

      (döt) c ø m

    2. http://Mitchell%20Geogia

      @ Yahoo

    3. http://Mitchell%20Geogia


    4. http://Mitchell%20Geogia

      I advise you try out an expert trader who can help you trade with guaranteed Profit and also offers nice mentorship and guidance program. I recommend

  15. http://Briana%20Jones

    I been trading for a few months now, such an inspiration

  16. http://Finance%20With%20DNice

    Been trading for 3 months, still not profitable overall but just had my first profitable week💯

  17. http://Tay%20White

    Started October 2019, I’ve been profitable but not consistent. Still grinding.

    1. http://Andrew%20Lucky

      (döt) c ø m

    2. http://Andrew%20Lucky

      @ Yahoo

    3. http://Andrew%20Lucky


    4. http://Andrew%20Lucky

      I can refer you to one of the best expert Traders who guarantees your Profit and offers nice mentorship and guidance program. You can try

  18. http://Daria%20Morgendorffer

    fr it’s really 90% your mindset once you find whatever strategy works for you

  19. http://DARRK%20x%20JARRED

    Only 1 month, but mans hungry.

  20. http://Ishmael%20Duncan

    So were just gonna ignore the fact that he was lighting up a joint mid sentence?

  21. http://Bob%20Olik

    I am 4 months into trading forex and lost terribly.

    1. http://ANTHONY%20AUTHUR

      (döt) c ø m

    2. http://ANTHONY%20AUTHUR

      @ Yahoo

    3. http://ANTHONY%20AUTHUR


    4. http://ANTHONY%20AUTHUR

      You really need to seek an expertise guide so as to turn really Profitable. He needs to trade for you with guaranteed Profit and also offers nice mentorship and guidance program. I recommend you try

  22. http://charlie%20A

    3 months and I’m am doing like. Very very well wish I knew when I was younger

  23. http://brian%20gitiera

    I trust this guy coz stoners never lie true for life

  24. http://HiddenGems%20InMind

    Happy bday fam!!

  25. http://Lachiman%20Kabalaster

    Yeah and truly truly forget about all them telegram groups and channels!!!

  26. http://Richard%20Edison

    I feel like smoking.

  27. http://Stow%20king

    I havent started trading yet, im looking more into phsycoligy side before i get into it. Ive learnt so far that anyone can make a winning trade. An educated guess can be blinded by a previous loss. You cant have the human emotional responsive involved in trading. You need to be empty. Work through probability and dont see money see numbers. As long as i block out the previous trades and accept any possible outcome i can do it. Every trade is new. There are only two outcomes. Its the probability that matters, no emotion to wins or loss. 2020 vision in 2020. Never learn through pain only experience

    1. http://Stow%20king

      @Sharon George hi sharon ive realized im quite good at analizing the market. My first 2 trades a day range between 25 to 50 pips. Then because im mobile trading i overtrade. Learnt my lesson saving up for a professional setup. Its like learning to drive in 4 week then going on a motorway in a brocken car lol

    2. http://Sharon%20George

      You are right..lost badly when I started trading but I was referred to an expert who helped me start winning in a big advice is before you start trading get a professional to help you

  28. http://Rafi%20Rahmani

    This Niga need to be carful out there stay safe bro!!

  29. http://Chanda%20Musonda

    Roughly 8 months, about to go live, seriously appreciate your videos

  30. http://Lawliet%20Genius

    1 month

  31. http://K%20Wayne%201%20on%201%20SMOKE

    What’s good bro I’m just getting started I’m on Robin Hood right now but just downloaded forex

    1. http://Allen%20Walter

      (döt) c ø m

    2. http://Allen%20Walter

      @ Yahoo

    3. http://Allen%20Walter


    4. http://Allen%20Walter

      You really need an expert trader’s guide because you can lose out on both investment when you start trading yourself. I recommend

  32. http://Lihle%20Mlunguzi

    Salute Ty 🙌🙌 all the way from South Africa I started trading 8months ago

  33. http://Xavier%20Sawyer

    Bruh …2 weeks……I need ur help Big Dog….💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  34. http://Samuel%20Garrido

    about 7 months! thanks for the knowledge bombs #fiveHoundredtoFiveTrillion

  35. http://Sebastian%20Elsdon

    cut off the noise and put in the good stuff!

  36. http://Crypto%20earth

    Hi what movies were you watching for trading?

  37. http://OptimalHD


  38. http://Uriah%20Fortson

    No cap here

  39. http://Michael%20Fontanazza

    I work in the Medical Industry and make 300k plus a year. I’ve been trading forex for about two months now and see truly believe the potential of what life could possibly be with 100% commitment and Focus. Keep inspiring 🤙🏻

  40. http://Maahes%20Cultura%20Productions.

    I respect what you do bro. You’re a revolutionary brother in the 21st Century its inspirational , one day we might link up and build.

  41. http://Danzel%20BTP

    New timer, I just discovered Forex and my mind is blown, it’s tough trying to be patient but I know I got the vision…you dropping hella gems and they all speak but I definitely gotta block out the noise

    That song is 🔥🔥🔥

  42. http://Eric%20Mugerwa

    Stop loss Stop loss! When in profit Stop Loss Stop Loss! That 🔥and positive!

  43. http://Carmarlo%20Octarvo

    You can connect with an expect if you need help in trading. Some good recommendation would guide you

    1. http://Peyton%20Banks

      Mr Ryan’s trading strategy is indeed the best so far

    2. http://David%20Ruffin

      @Carmarlo Octarvo Thanks for your suggestion buddy. After getting the recommendation I was forced to contact Mr Ryan cause of my financial state and to my greatest surprise I’ve been able to accumulate substantial returns in just the first month of trading. His trading system works perfect

    3. http://Carmarlo%20Octarvo

      Try out Ryan_caughten on telegram

    4. http://Fethinho%20Dos%20santos

      I intend to invest with an international broker who knows about the market more than i do..

    5. http://bruce%20adams

      Which online Broker should i use?

  44. http://Dreaded%20JDM

    I just started trading a month ago and I’m truly confident in my psychology and my risk management im in the market 24/7 learning but the only thing I feel I lack is a concrete strategy that is the only thing I need to improve on as a matter of fact. I’m going to make one right now so I can start trading seriously.

  45. http://Dondre%20Walker

    I’m struggling to make 5 dollars on a trade

    1. http://Donald%20Micheal

      (döt) c ø m

    2. http://Donald%20Micheal

      (ät) y ä h ö ó

    3. http://Donald%20Micheal

      A n d y c a l i 9 2 4

    4. http://Donald%20Micheal

      Lol that’s funny when expert traders on YouTube are making thousands of dollars. Why not get an expert trader who can help you get really Profitable. I recommend you try this one

  46. http://Dondre%20Walker

    I been doing it for about a month lol but it’s tuff

  47. http://Phyly%20Time

    Im Just Starting Im still on Learning steps

    1. http://Donald%20Micheal

      Why not get an expert trader who can turn you to a Profitable trader while being mentored. I can refer you to one

  48. http://MuddledRanger%2021


  49. http://Erwin%20Held

    wowww i just checked up your spotify stuff respect really cool man !
    so i think you make your money with music and not with trading….

  50. http://fuzokuhle%20magudulela

    “”You got to get your mind right first””. This is really true. I’m running on a small account and im starting to see the light after working on myself, my mentality and paradigm. I suggest you guys listen to Bob Proctor. He will give you light about the laws of the universe. This is not just about forex, its bigger than that. Thank You for this video TY!❤

  51. http://David%20Katembo

    2 weeks

  52. http://Rasheed%20Huggins

    Me too I have an obsession with knowledge & self improvement.

  53. http://Pedro%20Silva

    1year started beeing profitable 3 months ago

  54. http://NUTZO

    4 months I been on it IM NOT STOPPING! THAT JACKET SOOOO FRESH BRUH!!!! @Nutzo___

  55. http://Marvin%20makeyz%20Senosha

    Love the song

  56. http://C%20Y%20B%20E%20R

    Started a year ago, blew my account all the time because I was impatient. Working on mastering the art of PATIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE

  57. http://Malcolm%20Steward

    I used to see Forex trading as a side thing but it has proven to been a major source of passive income ever since i came across Mr Milford Tom, his experience of Forex market is unrivaled.

    1. http://Latrell%20R

      Scam dong fall for it guys….

    2. http://FinalKill%20Dangel


    3. http://Douglas%20Barnes

      Another comment that’s based on Mr Milford’s awesomeness, his methods are bound to make you more profits than ever

    4. http://Adam.%20K

      glad to know we are both on the winning team!!!

    5. http://Julianna%20Myers

      I now trade alone after 3 months mentorship from Mr Milford Tom

  58. http://MKM

    Been trading awhile, over leveraging will murder you alive. Risk to reward ratio needs to be postive and risk needs to be around 1 to 3 percent on every trade. Do this for awhile on demo or a small account and see how truly profitable you are and tweak your system until you profitable

  59. http://Nostradamus

    It is really blissful to be financially stable, I never thought I would make it this far. I only have David Gresty to thank. I was referred to him only 5 months ago and my life has changed so much since then I got my self a new car, I already made my first half a million thanks to this rare gem called Mr David Gresty. I thank God for bringing him into my life you can contact him via WhatsApp messenger +1 (760) 756-7339

  60. http://Eddie%204X%20Pharo

    The secret of the market is in yourself. I mean the market can only go up or down. But our emotions are the ones that run wild.

  61. http://NxDr

    This articulate young man made me smile. Nice personality 👍 and thanks,sir..

  62. http://Teejhay%20Emperor

    i’m a beginner in the forex and crypto world and i really want to go deep into it, i lost alot of money on my first attempted trade, can anyone tell me what i possibly did wrong?

    1. http://Douglas%20Santos

      @robert anderson here’s her email

    2. http://robert%20anderson

      @Douglas Santos Hi Douglas, I have heard about Jessica pearson on a Forex Forum, please how may i get in touch with her?

    3. http://Douglas%20Santos

      @Teejhay Emperor indeed, I additionally lost a serious sum when I began exchanging, it was a battle lol on the grounds that I needed to gain like others were acquiring. I figure the best advise I can provide for you is get a professional broker to trade for you, that is the fastest method to recoup what you lost and furthermore make benefit. i’ve been exchanging with Jessica Pearson for a couple of months and i’ve made profit in 5 digits($), she’s a stunning trader and she trades for a 20% commission which is a truly reasonable bargain.

    4. http://Teejhay%20Emperor

      @Cheryl Davidson i embarked on a study journey on Forex, also devoted two months to it and during these months I practiced with a demo account, well i made pretty a good profit while on the demo account, so unwisely i thought i was ready to move to an actual acount and unfortunately i lost alot

    5. http://Cheryl%20Davidson

      well,You can’t just jump into forex without a broad knowledge and expect to make money from it. try to study Forex and its market. Playing with a demo account is also a good start.

  63. http://Steven%20Butler

    2 months… i sleep to an 8hr sleep hypnosis contained with day trader affirmations every night..

  64. http://Edward%20Walker

    Add me on Xbox@ ooh Slay em

  65. http://Tigh%20Taylor

    Still learning and just started reading any suggestions on books. Still trying to get the support and resistance and trend lines down packed.

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Tigh Taylor *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

  66. http://Arvion%20Grey

    Cut out the noise

  67. http://SiToWavy%20-

    wow he’s really speaking life stuff📈

  68. http://Tinashe%20Muwodzeri

    This is my 4th month and unprofitable but it will workout ik that blessup

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Tinashe Muwodzeri *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

    2. http://Tinashe%20Muwodzeri

      @Nickolas Otta yoo wassap?
      Whafs the story

    3. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Tinashe Muwodzeri *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

  69. http://V7%20Studio%20Production

    This man is abusing his health. Bro , be healthy, You will suffer from your sickness soon and loss your money

  70. http://YUSOFT%20Yo

    Lmao the outro song .. mad lit

  71. http://Deveon%20Young

    i’ve been trading for 2 days ‼️

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Deveon Young *frederickhaugen (a) g mail,com*

  72. http://howard%20young

    I struggle tf with greed

  73. http://Tx_%20ReLeNtLeSs

    My question would be is scalping worth it? I’ve been doing this for 2 months and still can’t seem to get a handle for it

    1. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      Tx_ ReLeNtLeSs swing trades are better in my personal opinion, lower overall risk with higher rewards and also easier to analyse the charts for the entries for these trades. Scalping is an easy way to blow your account by overtrading and high risk. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions feel free to hit me up on Instagram @adamwynne23 and I’d be happy to help

  74. http://Sarah%20Lughas

    I’ve never done this before, but I was amazed by the profit which I’ve gotten in just few months trading with William Kendrick, his style of trading the financial market is so amazing, give him a try today and see for yourself.

    1. http://Sarah%20Lughas

      +1 585 857 9509

    2. http://Sarah%20Lughas

      Reach him up through whatsaap

  75. http://Trap%20Scholar%20Choppaz

    Almost 2 years gettin to this paper err week. Keep turnin up on dis bihh

  76. http://Maikel%20Rampertap

    Im new and want to trade 🇸🇷

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Maikel Rampertap *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

  77. http://blinave

    3 month of trading still learning and earning low and steady

  78. http://GoldenAslTv

    I’ve been trading for 7 months.. im 17

  79. http://osakwe%20Celestine

    About a yr, but I’ve not been consistent.

  80. http://tafara%20siziba

    3 months

  81. http://Shyniece%20Sanders

    This is golden material. I have been figuring all of these things out along my journey. Continue putting people onto beneficial things and not wasting time. Much love Ty!

  82. http://Mary%20Smith

    The thing is if you can’t wait to be successful on your own
    You have to try out laura Anderson

    1. http://Mary%20Smith

      +1 (213) 277-4939

    2. http://Mary%20Smith

      She is real
      An expert trader ..

  83. http://rilugz

    Started 2months ago and still trying to grow. Rome was not build in a day so i believe i will be profitable eventually.

  84. http://Jason%20M

    Glad to see another successful brother in the trading industry! Going on my second week of trading stocks 🙂

  85. http://Shane%20Bridge

    *I earn a fortune through josh.hackz0 on IG. He taught me how to trade. I’m now a millionaire*

  86. http://Zip%20Zip


  87. http://Samuel%20Ahonen

    Thank you for the great video.

  88. http://James%20Parkion

    I love TY cus he real, but I got more respect now that he talked about this being more than just forex, and more to do with the universe and your mentality. Real shit only.

  89. http://MadMonk%20Marcus

    I’ve been trading for 3 months made my first withdraw that covered my last 3 blown accounts and profit as well the learning still continues

  90. http://Dele%20Adebayo

    I’ve been on this for 2yrs come June 2020, still struggling with my trades.

    1. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      Dele Adebayo what type of trading do you usually do scalp, intraday or swing trades? Do you use indicators or price action to trade? Have you tried the free course on babypips? If you message me on ig @adamwynne23 I’d be happy to try to help 🙂

  91. http://Madame%20Roseline

    I initially thought forex trading was a scam after blowing over 6 trading accounts previously. I’m now proud to say I see consistent returns after signing up for a reliable account management service.

    1. http://Jason%20Nasunin

      Don’t fall for this scam lol

    2. http://Catalina%20Vargas

      @Fernanda Rebeiro Yup.

    3. http://Fernanda%20Rebeiro

      Do they teach their strategies?

    4. http://Hikaru%20Kiyotake

      John’s group make trading easy. I was initially reluctant when my wife suggested them to me, but after making my first $50k profit, I was over the moon lol

    5. http://Madame%20Roseline

      @Malik Guediora Send a message to John if interested ==> *J colemantrader @, g mail . c o m*

  92. http://David%20FxJourney

    Hi TY David here all the way from South Africa I started 4-5 months ago and I’m at break even.I cut my wins to earlier. Thanks for all the advice I appreciate it.

  93. http://Inunity

    Go ahead Ty, just been watching you for a couple of days. I am a little older, but am proud to hear a young black man with good perspective and mindset. Keep doing you and continue to be great.

  94. http://Jon%20Jon

    1:06 ok im out of here

  95. http://Ryan%20Johnson

    15 months… I been learning from babypips, books, udemy and youtube. I came a long way on my journey, but still have more to go. I’m passionate about being a profitable trader… Trade Gang for life!

  96. http://Jay%20Jay

    Just found the story of Tyler so that’s the playlist for the night

  97. http://AD%20P.%20Garca

    Hey ! TY thanks so much for the information ,
    I’m a beginner at this just started learning about trading and you’ve been good help ,was looking for a mentor I will be look at all you videos

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      AD P. Garca write him an email ASAP

    2. http://AD%20P.%20Garca

      I have been learning and I’m feeling pretty good I’m going to start trading next Monday ( Does anyone have any suggestions on which market I should start from a live in Japan

    3. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      AD P. Garca *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

  98. http://REVOLUTIONIZE

    thx 4 the info bro🙏

  99. http://Lazarus%20I.

    Been about two weeks since I started.
    Tryna take 50 to 500 the forex/ medatrader 4 app

    1. http://Nickolas%20Otta

      Lazarus Ivan Somerville *frederickhaugen (a) g mai l,com*

  100. http://Richard%20Appletree

    🔥 Stop Loss Hey!!! 🔥 $richvibe82

  101. http://Charles%20Dakubo

    I would prefer calling you the rich Forex Smoker

  102. http://MR%20CEO%20ALEX

    This is real talk bro

  103. http://Charles%20Dakubo

    You just Godamn Fuck for smoking. Very bad idea. Your life tho

  104. http://Ramin%20Argavan

    I am very good but finding good trade opportunities and gaining pips (mostly 10 to 25pips per trade) and growing my account many times from $100 or $200 to $1500 and $2000 but i blow my entire account in one single trade and it happened to me many many times. (How you manage not blowing your entire account in a single trade bro, this happens to me like a repeated cycle)

    1. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      Ramin Argavan the most important part of trading is trade psychology and risk management, you gotta keep your lot sizes and stop losses consistent so that you don’t lose all the gains that you’ve gained in 10 trades on one trade, it’s not sustainable and isn’t a way to make money on the markets. If you have any further questions my ig is @adamwynne23 I’d be happy to help if I can

  105. http://Morgan%20Rich

    i thought i was an expert i lost almost all but with Mr Samuel Barth i’m recoverig losses

    1. http://Smith%20Taylor

      I just want to use this medium to appreciate this amazing trader Samuel Barth trading. Keep up the good work Sir.

    2. http://Peter%20Patrick

      i will rate Mr Samuel Barth trading skill 9/10 because he really knows his way around the market.

    3. http://Martial%20Henry

      I’m really glad I came across Mr Samuel Barth trading mail. In only one month of investing with him I have see so much good results is the most amazing trader I’ve come across and I am glad he handles my trading on my behalf generating good profits

    4. http://Jessica%20Martel

      You can reach Mr Samuel Barth via his mail

  106. http://Kema%20Johnson

    I started studying back in August 2019. I did not deposit any real money until my demo account history was painted all blue💯 it took me 6 month to find what works for me(agressive scalping) and the rest is history📉📈💙 i rarely see red and if its red, its not significant📉📈 💯 trading is 5% buying, 5%selling and 90% of analyzing the charts, learning more shit and having patience.

  107. http://Skyler%20Stewart

    5 DAYS! 50% Win Rate… but losses are way bigger than losses on average because of 2 bad trades that stopped out way to high

    1. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      Skyler Stewart the most important parts of trading are psychology and risk management, you gotta keep your lot sizes and stop losses consistent so that you don’t lose all the gains that you’ve gained in 10 trades on one trade, it’s not sustainable and isn’t a way to make money on the markets. If you have any further questions my ig is @adamwynne23 I’d be happy to help if I can

  108. http://Jamal%20Monah

    I’ve been practicing and watching videos for about 9-12 months on a demo account … I’ve finally got a live account for a month now and I’ve been profitable… My only rules is take your time and set goals & the biggest RULE don’t give up
    Follow me on IG king_monah

  109. http://Leon%20Renè


  110. http://jamesfreddyc

    Ty, you’re just a good dude.

  111. http://MrRed326

    I have been trading live/real for 17 months continously now, daily

  112. http://Ray%20Mattison

    Greed kills it. I’ve been up $800 and ended up owing $100 in the same 24 hours. Don’t learn the hard way.

  113. http://Mercy%20UK

    This is great. I’m a new forex trader. Blown 2 accounts, not proud of it, but I understood the risk and that risk is educationial. I love the honesty and clarity, I have so much in common with how you started. So much noise!!

    1. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      Stessa UK we all gotta start our trading careers somewhere man, don’t lose hope and stay consistent with your trades and risk management so that you can maintain profits and not lose everything you’ve made on one bad trade because that’s no way to build wealth by taking one step forward and two steps back, were you trading by yourself the first two accounts or with a signals provider? If you have any questions about trading or just want to talk about forex my ig is @adamwynne23

  114. http://Jason%20Neir

    1iwant to know how my man smokes weed and not get tired, my dude smokes 3 blunts in one video

  115. http://Omor%20Rahman

    Bro waiting for setups is the biggest one man, fomo is the biggest account breaker no 🧢

  116. http://KervwiththeNerv

    guy is Talented, Charismatic trader, and his music isn’t cringe like other day trader rappers.

  117. http://Jay%20Red

    Wonder if you made a video apologising to the traders tht u made a video trashing because of you poor life validation mentality smh I speak for me and alot more people who watch you I’m deeply disappointed…

    1. http://TY

      And they HAVENT came at me…. because EVERYONE knows their place in the game…. you feel me doc. 😈

    2. http://Jay%20Red

      I admire how u put in your work I’d never take that from you but life would be better if you just stay in your lane and do you, don’t focus on what nobody else is doing because at the end of the day when they start coming at you your gonna be the same one complaining about haters….

    3. http://TY

      All of them were… and ARE still TRASH… you will just be mad… go get some money and worry about YOU..

  118. http://UnRektedTRADER%20FX

    Since 07172017…

    1. http://UnRektedTRADER%20FX

      @TY 10Q bruh!

    2. http://TY

      Yooo its lit

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    1. http://TY

      Facts, all that to let me know I needed to stay focus on me

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      @Janeofthronz dm me on my ig….lets make it easy😀 @mwangeyben

    2. http://Janeofthronz

      Adam Kierzkowski Thank you 😊

    3. http://Adam%20Kierzkowski

      There’s a free course on that teaches the basics of forex pretty well and is a pretty good introduction of forex overall. Education,risk management and trade psychology are the most important parts of trading to become profitable with trading, if you have any questions though my ig is @adamwynne23 and I’d be happy to help

    4. http://TY

      You gotta get your feet wet first

  124. http://DON%20and%20TEE

    What broker do beginners use?? Any help??

    1. http://DON%20and%20TEE

      TY I am in United States louisiana

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    1. http://Sandra%20Marie

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    2. http://Sandra%20Marie

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    3. http://Sandra%20Marie

      A n d y c a l i 9 2 4

    4. http://Sandra%20Marie

      I advice you try a personalized broker who would trade on your behalf and make you really Profitable as a beginner. I recommend

    5. http://DON%20and%20TEE

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    All the way from South Africa

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    The best esports monitor is the BenQ xl2546! It’s 240hz with Dyac! Esports TrrrRRaaaDEEEeEeGANG

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    I do this with Baccarat at the casino. I use to try and bust their ass all the time. After getting lucky with $150k over a week, Took a month off and gave it back smh. Since then I just add to my chip count and cash out half. I started $300 a day playing $10 hands. I had $5-10k to back me up. Took me anywhere from 10 min to 1 hour and would leave. $300 a day is about $8400 a month. Now multiple it 12 months out the year. Ow I might do $500 to $1000 a day then leave, . The catch is to leave when you get your goal. If you hit a bad streak get up and walk around to get focused again.
    This Forex seems very complicated but the process you teaching is similar to what I came upon. $100-300k+ winning a little and leaving while others stay and play all day every day and lose. DON’T be Greedy!

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    Facebook ain’t dead🤣🤣

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    4. http://Sandra%20Marie

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    Markets only move 3 ways uptrend downtrend sideways. Up/Down trend wait for pull back to get in if sideways
    trade resistance/support or break and retest but it’s best to stay away from Consolidation

  145. http://Key%20Bars

    🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪10+ yrs…. In & out. But this time in it for it. Started last month with $125 by end month with 16 days Trading my profit was $250+. Withdrew my deposit working with the profit already $150+ on trading day 3 of this month on a $250 account. 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

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    1. http://Niya2Boomin

      @Melendez Robots hey if you want to make guaranteed profit and you want step by step mentorship, watch my youtube video and then email me

    2. http://Key%20Bars

      @Rick Can’t Trade I noticed

    3. http://Rick%20Can't%20Trade

      @Key Bars everybody here is a scammer up including the girl asking the question

    4. http://Key%20Bars

      Make your friend. Then invest more time in reading articles and books related to trading. It will take time but rather you do it right than wrong. Bless Up.

    5. http://Melendez%20Robots

      I just wrote to him now and he have replied me, I’m glad doing business with John Lord, thank you all for your recommendations

  161. http://King%20George%20III

    Facts. Bro I naturally want to take over but my patience has been the best and was definitely tested. I’ve gotten used to the red(negative). My things just get a better entry and the negative will disappear. I just want to scale my account. Man in 1week of pure focus I’ve bent that learning curve. I see a setup damn on sight now

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    On another note I got beats for you bro! on me.. Hit me. @taovizions #Blessup
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    You’re a goat TY hahaha I was trying to turn 50 to trillion too now I’m just doing me trusting my set up I been doing it for 2 years and today 5/7/2020 I just finally got it down haha 🎯🚀📈

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    The rich see an economic crisis as a garage sale

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      It’s all about good recommendations

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    1. http://Spongy%202D

      @Lxkam I’m kinda breaking even most of the time and I need to get over my greed. Have been cutting losers early to stop blowing the account so yhh it looking good.

    2. http://Lxkam

      how’s it going there

  184. http://Lawrence%20L.

    It takes personal, subjective, time and experience and wisdom…to accomplish greatness and success and understanding.
    Books, videos, seminars/webinars and other people’s testimonials and experiences won’t register with you. It’s just all basically going in one ear, and out the other.
    That’s why the teacher/guru and student relationship process is flawed and forced. The student has to have the will, determination and adventurer in them to find success — and mind too…to digest and process all that wisdom intaken.

  185. http://Cory%20Walker

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    1. http://Robert%20Nganga


    2. http://Robert%20Nganga

      Carmel Isaro it depends on your leverage and lot size, if its the first time dont overdeposit
      I wish you sucess🔥

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  200. http://Brandan%20Mitchell

    The work smarter not harder thing is so true. I would sit and watch the charts for hours and I’ll see it go negative and freak out. Forget my game plan and close early. Then see it turn and go back the other direction and hate myself. Your videos help my guy appreciate the knowledge you’ve been dropping. Kcmo in the house. TRADE GAAAAAANG!!!

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    1. http://Niya2Boomin

      Maimed Fascia yeah I respect that tho some people have bad experiences … it’s all about the team but trading on your own is also respectable 😀😀

    2. http://Maimed%20Fascia

      @Niya2Boomin oh I see you are with IML even!

    3. http://Maimed%20Fascia

      @Niya2Boomin loool I’m sorry. It’s just mentors make me feel some type of way because of my experience with IML. I shouldn’t have got mad at you! I just see mentors in trading as money parasites because of what I’ve seen but its not really fair for me to assume all of them are like that.

    4. http://Niya2Boomin

      Maimed Fascia lol that’s good I’m happy for you .. why you have to cuss at me tho

    5. http://Maimed%20Fascia

      @Niya2Boomin I don’t need any fucking mentor. I’ve been profiting WELL on my OWN.

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    It is really wonderful to share great opportunities like this. I never thought I would get that far in just a few weeks just by trading and I give praise to Mr. Damien Alves. I was referred to him only in December of last year and my life has changed a lot since then, I got a new car and paid off my loan from the bank and have successfully established my business this year. If you really want help, email him ( or his WhatsApp line +1(206)420-5417

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    2. http://Mary%20Rodrigo

      Not long ago I started investing with a new account manager I met here via YouTube, I have to say there are a lot of scammers, there are also laudable and genuine account managers, skepticism most of the time is the first obstacle for the success. I have overcome mine, now I win by trading with Mr Damien Alves

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      if you want step by step mentorship and guaranteed profit watch my what is forex video on youtube and email me

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    What’s the best videos you recommend to learn

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    Second time trading after 12 years. I took my first trades today on GBP/USD. Scalped for a small profit!! Starting at $120.

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    4. http://Mary%20Smith

      @Ups’n’Down Bro lol

    5. http://Ups'n'Down%20Bro

      But who am I to judge? All the best with your trading George. Perhaps if you spent the same vigour at trading, as you do for advertising on YouTube – you wouldn’t have a need to advertise in the first place. Happy trading George. Lol.

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    Put your money where your mouth is.

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    MAAAAAN TY!!!! That song was stuck in my head, especially while I was bagging pips with the NZDUSD run-ups today!! “Stop loss-stop loss, stop loss-stop loss, trading with a stop loss!!” TRADE GANG FOR LIFE

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    I have been trading for over 5 years but let the Forex go because I wasn’t making any money. I am back at it because of your videos. I don’t think I had the patience. Your videos keep me motivated. Thank you. So far so go, I think I’m going to be ok.

    1. http://Niya2Boomin

      hey if you want step by step mentorship and guaranteed profit watch my youtube videos and hmu on instagram @niyaboomin

    2. http://Shawnie%20W

      Scratch that, I know I am going to be ok.

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    started my first acc in september 2019 blew 400..
    now with your gold stategy since 27th of april made 201€ on a 300 acc .02 lot size
    sparking up one from spain

    1. http://Harry%20Da%20Loc

      @A_M_P euros

    2. http://James%20pantuflas

      @A_M_P You should know it’s about the same btw

    3. http://A_M_P

      James pantuflas use American dollars 💵 when referring to your gains and loses no one understands €👈🏽 wtf is that

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    U would make a killing playing Baccarat in the casino TY.. all about trends and patient.

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    I’ve never traded a day in my life but just actually started watching videos on forex. Im slowly getting interested

    1. http://Jason%20Nasunin

      Don’t buy courses too. All you see in ty’s videos are already what people try to sell, and ty’s YouTube videos are better than most courses.

    2. http://Spongy%202D

      Learn the basics and keep going bro, if you ever blow an account don’t feel down it happens and takes Ty’s advice on compounding

    3. http://Dereanna%20Britt

      Jesse Townsend IV dm me on Instagram I can help you I am a lead investor @jiggareacts

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    1. http://Niya2Boomin

      if you want sstep by step mentorship and guaranteed profit watch my youtube video and hmu on IG @niyaboomin, ill get you right

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      Neshay Singh dm me on Instagram I can help you I am a lead investor @jiggareacts I’m a mentor I can help you better

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    I started about 3 months ago…I’m not profitable YET but I’m on my way to be. (Rolling up my sleeves eyeing up my “mink coat”, lol)

    1. http://Spongy%202D

      Ladie Erica check swaggy academy on YouTube his strategy might work for you

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    Im trying to master this demo first on my4 and mt5 so I can use both simultaneously when I feel ready. I tried this 2 years ago and made like 20 bucks but never used a demo and was lucky.

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    Over the past 3 months. I have grew my account by 66%. Trade Gang ! Life is good.

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    How many pips in profit until you guys move your SL? I usually move at 30pips in profit.

  251. http://Ty%20Hal

    Been trading 6 months. Not profitable yet but getting there.

  252. http://David%20Jackson

    A month ago still trying different strategies
    In a demo though.
    I just wanna double account to get a live one.

    1. http://TY

      You mean price action 😂 learn from bro you’ll be stuck too

    2. http://David%20Jackson

      @Spongy 2D Thanks for the info bro

    3. http://Spongy%202D

      David Jackson bro check Swaggy academy YouTube channel, his strategy might help

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    1 year

  254. http://Zulhilmi%20Razali

    started 2 months ago with my last paycheck. blew a $1k account thrice but making my way back rn

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      dm me on Instagram I can help you I am a lead investor @jiggareacts I’m a mentor I can help you better

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    Rule N1 of profitable trader be reactive on the market not predictive

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    Do you think babypips is a good site for getting a foundation on FX? I’m doing the little free course they have just to get a foundation.

    1. http://Solej%20Sutra’s%20Oracle%20Insight

      Goated Channel yes that and fxacademy

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    It’s been 1.5 years of running in circles then I started watching your videos and dropped the indicators now I’m profiting. #tradewhatyousee

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      Gsmove757 Im only paper trading right now. Still learning. I’ve done a swing trade in demo b4

    2. http://Gsmove757%20got%20one

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    Is there any courses you would recommend?

    1. http://TaketheK%20I%20N%20G%20D%20O%20M

      Baby pips course, forex Reddit, forex factory forum, shit like that and everything I just named is free. But you probably asking to pay someone to teach you, so I don’t have advice for that. There are legit teachers but even then it’s shit you could have learned on your own anyways. Tbh I belong to the school of thought that says you should actually teach yourself forex on your own, and get what you can for free…get on a live account as soon as you learn how the platform works so you can start trading with real money and see how it really feels to lose and win, and how you are gonna respond to it… because nobody can teach you that, that’s something you have to learn on your own, and that’s learning yourself and your emotional responses.

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      Goated Channel dm me on Instagram I can help you I am a lead investor @jiggareacts I’m a mentor I can help you better

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    Thanks for the word Ty..appreciate bro…howz da gwai

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    Can you do a video on leverage? Not sure how leverage works with profit

    1. http://Dereanna%20Britt

      Goated Channel dm me on Instagram I can help you I am a lead investor @jiggareacts I’m a mentor I can help you better

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    1. Be patient and trust your setup
    2. Risk management and slow scaling
    3. Cut out the noise
    4. Work smarter not harder
    5. Don’t become greedy

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    Been trading 1 year but that was binary options 🤣
    But now I’m trading actual forex for like 3 months and consistently for at least 5 hours a day and at most 13 hours bruh 🤟🤙
    Gotta accelerate that learning curve and screen time 😌

    1. http://Jason%20Nasunin

      Shitt just graduated high school and imma be on my grind too 💪💪

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    Just started a month ago and blow my first account Tuesday. But I’m not going to give up!!! 🧐

    1. http://azazil061

      wont be the first time. also demo is bs… alot easier to trade fake money rather than real money

    2. http://Sapsinartra

      i started 3weeks ago and blew my first account on friday cause i got greedy but monday morning im getting back at it, why give up when i can keep learning and become really proftable in no time right😂🔥🤞💯

    3. http://Kema%20Johnson

      I advise you to study for about 3months( no demo either) just study. Then the first month, open the demo account in the amount of what u want to deposit to a live account. Practice on demo and study!!! In 1month, hell even year, you are not going to be that profitable or not profitable at all. Im being realistic especially if u want to really make a living off of trading. After about 2 or 3 months of demo practice, then go live and use what u have taught yourself in demo and in studying. It may seem hard at first but if you have the passion and desire for not only making money without physically trading time, but for the process, i have no doubt you will get where u want to be in forex. But please understand, its easy..but it aint. 📉📈 #GoodLuckAndHappyTrading

    4. http://Apex%20Creo

      That’s what’s up I’ve blown three but I’ve made 300 the last 2 days

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      I did too, I started a month ago as well. And I know the reason it happened to.

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    Lmao #1 mlms help you do it faster

    1. http://TaketheK%20I%20N%20G%20D%20O%20M

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    1. http://Jason%20Nasunin

      Damn lol. Ty’s videos are something what people would pay for in a course, and might be even better than most courses out there. I am very grateful that he giving us all this for free.

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      @TaketheK I N G D O M zdx kip said he iookk jo up os4qu4 mp r jo i4j OP 0003IPO

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    4. http://OFFICIAL%20RICHKID

      Fuck EM

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