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Becoming a Millionaire in Forex in 6 MONTHS (BEST VIDEO EVER) Howto & Style 

Becoming a Millionaire in Forex in 6 MONTHS (BEST VIDEO EVER)

People tell me all the time that they’re going to become a millionaire in Forex within their first year of trading and then call the market a scam when they don’t come close to their goals. I try to be SUPER transparent with my subscribers AND academy members and tell you the REAL about the Forex market. Most of you guys are entering with the wrong MINDSET! Stop giving yourself a time limit with day trading forex! That is the reason you aren’t understanding and grasping it yet. You’re trying to take shortcuts and jump the gun, yet sat through 4+ years of school without saying a word.

This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made. Austin just cut the camera on, and I just ranted. I truly believe this rant/motivational video will kick most of y’all into gear. This may be that extra push that you need to go to the next level. All I hope to do is get you one step closer to your goals. If so, I’ll be happy. I hope you took some value from this video! Love you guys!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. The videos on my channel are for educational and entertainment purposes only. I’m just showing you guys how I invest and day trade, but remember, investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and not mine. While day trading can bring serious gains, it can also bring serious losses! So make sure you do your own research to fully understand the market before diving in. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore should not invest money that you can’t afford to lose. The fluctuation of the market can work for you or against you. You should carefully consider your investment objectives and experience before deciding to trade in the market. Again, what you invest in is solely your responsibility.

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618 thoughts on “Becoming a Millionaire in Forex in 6 MONTHS (BEST VIDEO EVER)

  1. http://Rocson%20Louissaint

    “ If you can give school 12+ years without guaranteed income, you will be able to give the market 5 + years” one of realest shit he ever said

    1. http://Jerrain%20Grahn

      Your so damn inspirational and that’s why I tell people to come here


      real talk g

    3. http://DaGeeKhalid

      Facts 😭

    4. http://MJ%20T

      I was going to say something to the same effect, but you beat me to it. Absolutely right. It will be years. But – step by step by step – I will try and get there.

    5. http://dnw75

      This is true. I’m 2 years in from when I started my trading journey. I’m still learning, I’m still growing, I’m still having “aha” moments. You have to put in the time.

  2. http://BoratTV

    Just take a look at nature… plant a tree… how long does it take to grow fruits?

  3. http://Roy%20Albert

    Bro what’s your email?

  4. http://Florian%20Foerg

    Pure motivation….

  5. http://Jason%20Kekana

    I was feeling hopeless and hopped on YouTube for an inspiring video, and got recommended this💫. Just what I needed

  6. http://Alexander%20Alexovich

    The realist trader ever

  7. http://flava'beatz.

    I like the motivational note of your recent videos especially.. studying with other mentors since 2 years, invested already profitable, but going live trading as of next week.. this video and the one about stop being scared are kickers! eye opening, if you let it… god bless ya, greets from switzerland

  8. http://Dominique%20Lucca

    THIS! Patience and discipline is key.

  9. http://Martin%20Santellan

    What a video my man! This is what I needed in my life

  10. http://Rick%20Dave

    Man this video here is inspirational… i blew an account and was down on myself so i didnt trade for a month but still was studying here and there and started back trading this week with a small account that i can afford to loose, and i rewatched your fib video and it made sense whereas before it didnt… so im even more motivated and this video here was just confirmation for me…

  11. http://Larry%20Shepperson

    wow….you showed a lot of maturity there….I see some youtubers who promise their followers easy quick money. Your position was very real. No one should start trading to make money. Start trading to learn how to be a trader. Some may do it their way for a year with some success and have to start allllllll over.I agree approach it like any other profession

  12. http://ChocoDizz

    Hell yea I was never in a rush just trying to study humbly so when I’m in.. I’m wise enough to learn faster

  13. http://Oli%20Wiser

    You’re right, this time last year I didn’t even know this market existed. In 7 months I have learned so much and every day I wake up excited to continue this pursuit in a way I never did back when I was in school.

    These markets ain’t for everyone and a degree ain’t for everyone either. Find what lights you up and get on that grind, you’ll never feel uncertain ever again

  14. http://Ian%20Decuir

    Needed to come back to this. Thank you….

  15. http://Jamal%20Sears

    Word!! Motivation 💪 love the caption.. People think they coming and get some secret ingredient like a “get rich quick scheme” ha! Keep it real 💯 always brother…

  16. http://ALI%20HADI%20Bohlok

    You speak from your heart your words are from heart to heart thank you sooooo much

  17. http://Mitchell%20Wert

    One of the best videos I’ve ever watched

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    I reckon I can do it in 2 years 😎

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    Well said👐

  24. http://Aj%20Milligan

    This video may have changed the entire course of my life . Been trading for 2 years and this by far was the best video I’ve seen Development wise . Thank you @swaggy 🙏 have a blessed day bro

  25. http://Cydni%20Perkins

    I love your videos!! So glad I found your channel. I just started my forex “career” last Wednesday. I opened with $223. I set out to make $1-$5 in profit simply because I’m new and any gain is better than a loss in my opinion. I lost $7 But made $10 so I got back what I lost and made a $3 profit on my live account in my first week! I went straight in, no demo and no previous knowledge about how to trade in Forex. I think your method is amazing and has been the easiest for me to put to practice. I look forward to the “process” and becoming a master forex trader. Thanks Swaggy 💛

  26. http://James%20Carter%20Thomas%20Burdick

    🧢 I’m getting buckets 🪣

  27. http://ednah%20ondieki

    you are wise and a great teacher.

  28. http://marvin%20gaye

    That watch dancin

  29. http://Ryan%20Summers

    Thank you so much for this motivational video!!

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      No problem! I just wanna make sure I’m actually influencing people for the better!

  30. http://Cabdala%20Akram

    My fav trading channel respect for the swag 🤟

  31. http://Lorenzo%20Vans

    F*cking hell! This is the best advice you can hear guys! A year and half ago i really didn’t know the market but never giving up always pays off😉
    Just starting now being profitable after losing my own money; as he said, give it some time!

  32. http://savage%20don%20muzic

    This means a lot thanks swag🙏💯💯💯

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    Thanks for the heads up man..been having rough past weeks..hopefully i can get back up on my feet again. 🙂

  34. http://BIG%201RENZON

    Repent because the Son of Man is coming back our Lord Jesus Christ
    There is no time
    Go back to God as you are and repent of your sins
    I pray you find your way back to God
    To God be Glory he protects me every night and and day
    Forgive and love

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    Thant you for these wise advice

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    Do I need a bank account to start doing it?

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    “Its a scam”
    “You’re the scam”
    LMAOOOOOOOOO amazing

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    I Love it when a Black Man is succeeding man 🖤✊🏿

  42. http://Pedro%20de%20Leon

    Its my first time watching your video.Your the best motivational speaker that I had been watch on you tube in terms om trading.Keep it up bro.Your helping alot.I see grateful passion on you.

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    Best video hands down !

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    Took me 2 years to get a hand on things…

  50. http://TalkSenseTV

    Very true guys.. I’ve been trying to learn the markets for around 2 1/2 years almost 3 YEARS. And only JUST NOW I’m starting to see results. 3 YEARS people…..

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    I totally agree with you Swaggy. I’m jobless right now and I have been listening to your YouTube videos trying it out on demo. I’ve done it on live too and lost money but I still persist. I pray that I get the money to join your academy to grow with you. Persistence is the key. By the way I’m from Africa country called Kenya. Ben

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      I can give you access for free! No need to try and muster up the money. I got you! Email me 🙂

  58. http://pejoly2

    Traded out of a van for a few years, hitting WIFI where ever I could, like that life so much I bought a boat. Now trading and sailing. The temptation is always to get too big too fast, which for me would be like moving up to the Titanic

  59. http://Samba%20Sheik

    Everything he said was on point gotta respect everything he says and said. Put the work in and hustle to learn every little info given to you out and apply it.

  60. http://Tumiso%20Suping

    Nothing but the bitter truth

  61. http://MrDcast512

    Real talk . Thanks

  62. http://Nukkezy

    You are my inspiration ❤️

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    Anyone else play this more than 5 times?

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      LOVE THAT G!

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    love this video

  65. http://Maryam

    I have a hard time finding a good regulated broker in the u.s. that’s good for beginners and allows trades on indices. Any suggestions

  66. http://Jalen%20Thorpe

    Needed this Motivation 💯

  67. http://Aaron%20Guumbs

    TOP !! 🔥🔥

  68. http://Frances%20Princeton

    I trade the H4 chart and have better results than before. I use D1 for the framework. Good video swaggy

  69. http://Xcd

    An absolute brilliant video
    Thank you.

  70. http://Iwill%20Win

    This is everything no time limit

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    That’s like trying to be a Master Chef in two months. You have to learn and go through training.

  73. http://jh9674

    damn you got clamps huh not one point lmao

  74. http://Bryan%20Suetens

    This is true motivation and no fake speech…
    He makes you realise that you’ve got to put the work in and indeed you don’t become profitable in 6 months.
    I indeed didn’t now this market existed a year ago but now that I do I want to learn it, understand it and in the best case make a good second income out of it.
    I’ve been studying this market now for about half a year and I am far from being profitable, but I learn every day and since the last 2 weeks I am consistently watching you’re youtube videos and analyzing and studying them.
    And I’ve got to say you”re one of the realest I’ve came across on my journey for searching someone who doesn’t spread fake strategies or bullsh*t advice.
    Also I love You’re strategie with the key levels, I never heard this anywhere else and have been applying this in my own trades and I am seeing real results.
    Okay this comment turned out longer than I expected but to make a long story short, keep doing what you’re doing and you can expect me assigning to your academy.. Love your work swaggy !!

  75. http://Gabriel%20Abalos

    I just took a loss today and this video honestly helped me out cause I constantly feel defeated.

  76. http://AHoopz

    Thank you so much swaggy sometimes I really need this reminder you always been motivating and inspiring me so I appreciate you and one day i hope to become a trader like you

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    getting in that ass! lmao thanks for the motivation. Can you do a video about how you studied? Like what was your study plan like? How many hours of day? etc.

  81. http://STAT3215

    You can never make enough of these videos. Within 5 minutes of checking out FOREX market I realized that serious money could be made. There’s so much information to process and learn how to connect together in order to find that success. You gotta put in the work! I’ve stopped paying video games after work and been studying charts, studying information from your academy, working the demo account and breaking down why a trade worked or didn’t work. It’s honestly more interesting than anything i learned in school. One day it will pay off, you just gotta stay on the grind 💯

  82. http://Xpert%20retart

    No it’s not happening 😂😂😂

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy


  83. http://Akerele%20Immanuel

    Thank you

    I found this enlightening and also encouraging on my trading journey.

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    Rate this VID 100%. Im a day trader just started a couple months and I needed this. One love G. #LOVE_FROM_JAMAICA

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    “the market’s not the scam YOURE THE SCAM” damn-

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    Is live trading coming to YouTube?

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      No! My academy. Maybe 1 or 2 videos will but the majority will be on my academy.

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    By far one of the best videos about fx market. And please keep us real. We often need this kind of remainder, and motivation. When we see the success, we think we will get there FAST, but truth is, there is no guarantee that we will get there FAST. Thanks for keeping us motivated.

  97. http://George%20Khabensky

    This week has been great with honestly, my investment with Mr. Harry Farquhar is highly profitable.

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    i respsect this video odee

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    The swagger, I follow u coz of ur advice! It’s always direct to us. Thanks a lot, ur more better than those who promise us heaven on earth in two days.

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    Good shit I think people needa hear this

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    this hits different

  102. http://Jay%20Bailey

    Thank for the reality check! The Forex MLM have people believing that they will make a lot of money overnight, while paying the $250 monthly fee!!

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy


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    It’s not a question of Time, but work and patience 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽

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    He makes money from our subscription, be careful many of them on the internet, he showed you he has a luxury live and has al luxury

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    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      You joined a MLM sounds like.

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    Swaggy, I don’t know who gave this video a thumbs down but they clearly missed the 💎 you were dropping. You spoke with sincerity and while I can’t speak for anyone else, it definitely resonated with me!

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    This kind of helped but you got to understand when you giving it your all and constantly losing money you lose interest in the business…. no one wants to lose more money when they already having money issues

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      Totally get it! But the issue is in your statement there alone. “Constantly giving your all yet constantly losing money” … your patience & psychology isn’t right. You shouldn’t be losing money because you shouldn’t even be TRADING because you don’t know everything yet. There’s always a stepped missed my friend! Look at it from that perspective.


    Yow g vidz like that are real motivational 🔥🔥🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

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    Also this guy is another guru trying to sell a course like the rest of them

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  134. http://Elijah%20Montoya

    Yo the Chris blueprint is such a good course! It’s like going to college and learning go through videos, practice what you learn!! Chris is killing it thanks For everything!!

    1. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    1. http://Lawu%20Mahome

      @The Swag Academy Alright, I like how you play around the controversy around it though, I must say your video qualities are great havent missed one but perhaps, if you really want to help the masses, create more original content where you go through the emotions and days where you place trades think that would help us alot.

    2. http://The%20Swag%20Academy

      Their exactly the same. The title is me being sarcastic and talking about what everyone thinks will happen.

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    The quality and edits are so beautiful plus the back ground music is so motivational tell yall time guys we can all make it with consistancy

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    I started trading knowing that it wasn’t going to be quick to learn, im now 18 months in and am trading at pretty much break even, I am happy with my progress ☺ this video 100% boosted my motivation! 🙏

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    “Your the scam, Be Better because YOU can do it, Just be patient”
    Let’s grow together Swag family..the journey is well worth it

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    Two pieces of advice for everyone. 1. Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. 2. Never half ass anything. ALWAYS use your whole ass. And for real, if you’re worried about losing money on trades, drop your lot size to a micro lot. 1 micro lot. There’s still money on the table, skin in the game, but loss will be minimal. Then when you start making progress, then you can start upping it to a more appropriate level. And if that’s still too scary, drop back down to a demo and work on your mechanics until you get your confidence up and start making progress. Watch videos over and over and over. Even if you’ve seen it 10 times, watch it again, might be something in there that you didn’t pick up before. Just keep at it. Always remember, the day you quit, the day after was going to be the day you succeeded.

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      That’s putting a ceiling in the next black man trying to provide generational assets to pass down. I can tell you take this seriously by how defensive you got but since you got chicken and serious now let’s start creating schools for our kids kids … kid

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