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      @LSmalls 90that’s what I wanted too????

    2. http://V%20Brown

      @Jessy Mobely Bamany ME TOO! Asked how to get the course a few days ago and he ignored me.

    3. http://LSmalls%2090

      When will u start selling ur course again?

    4. http://NewbieSoaper

      Jeremy, do you show how to place tp and sl since I would prefer to set it and go do other things! Thx for the video and encouragement ✨

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      Cash App $realamschel

  2. http://Nissie%20Morgan

    what lets you know what trade is best to go in on?

  3. http://S%20C

    Hey how long did it take you to get to the point where you were skilled enough to bring in your monthly needs from Forex and quit your job?

  4. http://Audio%20Junky

    the only problem is..leverage. if you live in the US, you can only get 1:50 leverage. so growing a small account would take months.

  5. http://Herron%20Anderson

    Trying to learn the art of trading which videos of yours should I watch to understand what you do in this video

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    tapping in ! much growth .. $Jerrordw , Blessings

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Thanks fam

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    Jeremy $200 not small. Like $50 or $100 is small. Help with that please

  8. http://Loyalty%20Over%20Everything

    I’m a new trader and yours helped me for sure. Ya boy is about to cook the markets!!!

  9. http://Laura%20cypriana%20Ricard

    You are a blessing. Im new to all of this and so confused. I will start using all your methods. I will have to review your videos like 5 times each. Thank u… $LauraEsteen8

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    And courses for people with 0 experience

  11. http://Loving%20Bae%20C

    Hey what did you set your Moving Average to be in your settings. High, low, exponential, slow.?? I’m tryna get like you man. Thank you for that alligator 🐊 indicator. Imma use that when the market open up today. I’ve had nothing but loses on this journey but it’s definitely time to turn streak around. 💰💰$shae8585

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  13. http://Shawn%20Rhoda

    Earning 4x of my salary as a doctor through forex trading is really awesome..

    1. http://Mason%20Kelvin

      That’s right so many people don’t understand how the forex market works ..they are interested in the gains only which leads to greed.

    2. http://Usama%20Baloch

      @Debbie Barker I’ll advice you switch to a demo account or better still use a pro.

    3. http://Serah%20Mitchelle

      @Debbie Barker don’t keep trading if you keep losing

    4. http://Debbie%20Barker

      I had money on my trade account and its decreasing what should I do ? Load more money or switch to a demo..

    5. http://Patrick%20Walter

      Forex trading makes you hedge rich if you’re hedge fund with deep pocket or an usually skilled currency trader…

  14. http://Natesha%20Chamblee

    How do I get started with Forex?

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Go here

  15. http://Tsion%20Dinku

    great video, Check out this playlist I love to trade to since I joined last week.
    @forexfreeclub on Telegram posts a bunch just like it. Also cool music and motivational videos.

  16. http://Patience%20Joseph

    Dhope!!!!!!! Enlightening

  17. http://the%20real%20levi

    could of had the 40 but 15 lets you know bro not greedy

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    $yo0403 cash app this is what I need wanting to walk away from my 9- 5

  20. http://Demik%20Marino

    What broker do you use?

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    Hey bro am really interested in this, but how do i get that software?

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    what does he mean by the 50

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    $Paige14377 ❤

  24. http://Pailin%20Xayavong

    How does he not get charged commission fees on tradersway? is he partnered with them?

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Use a var account not ecn

  25. http://Jazsmine%20Thomas

    I just purchased the Rsi Scanner but I’m confused on how I receive it. Is it a download or does it come via email or via MT4?

  26. http://myla%20armstrong

    $mylaaa1 im a beginner trader & I’ve been going hard at it , but I’m also a full time student anything would help me tbh

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    You sound like 2chainz

  28. http://Dante%20Phillips

    Great Video definitely gonna watch the whole series -$DantePhillips

  29. http://Atiyah%20R

    What website is he on?

  30. http://mboule%20asaph

    Why do this market always keeps me exited??? Great vid sir!!!

  31. http://Frankie%20Franky

    I need to learn moving average strategy.🧐 $CryptoMarv

  32. http://Angelica%20Brantley

    Is your course still available

  33. http://Rashad%20Heyward

    $rashadheyward GREAT VIDEO

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    Is this hfx? $Calibabii1985

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    Just started watching your videos and man oh man. Where have u been in my life… $Mu11ings9

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    Great start to the series can’t wait to see da next one $Uptoosaning

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    As a beginner it is advice for you to trade with an experts that will guide you in the right way to win with nice strategies. Binary Option has been good to me, I can boldly say I have been enjoying myself courtesy of binary option, this wouldn’t have been possible without Michael O’Connor who has been an awesome trader

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      Via WhatsApp

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      Message him

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    Following your content from Zim. Keep creating videos.

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    Its nice trading fx!!

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    Yo bro can you flip $10? And how

  43. http://Shitty%20Jojoke%20Page

    Hey man can i use those strategies at a 1M or 5M time frame?

  44. http://Brena'%20Marie

    What platform or website should I say do you go to ?

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      I would be of assistance helping you place profitable investment.

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  46. http://Kristen%20B

    Hey so I followed the learn how to trade link from your YouTube description box and signed up to receive signals which are provided through telegram but I noticed u said u don’t use telegram and there are scammers, so I wanted to know if it’s legit since it is included in your description box?

    1. http://Michael%20Max


    2. http://Michael%20Max

      He is available on WhatsApp

    3. http://Michael%20Max

      Mia Ravi good one too he is an expert trader and he has helped My boss and I it’s a good news

    4. http://Mia%20Ravi

      @Kristen I get my weekly profit trading with Sir Adams . He is very trustworthy and very profitable to begin investment with him

    5. http://Mia%20Ravi

      @Michael Max you are right

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  48. how do i choose a broker.. do i just choose anyone

    1. http://Van%20Homes

      Believe me when I tell you that you that there are lots of scammers in the market claiming to be a professional broker

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    3. http://Eckhard%20Mandy

      You can reach an expert directly on what’s app for assistance

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    Ur videos are great, really helpful 🙂 what settings do you recommend for the moving averages?

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    No risk , no reward . 💯💪🏽 $shemiriamurray

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    Do another video about a different scenario building your credit using Forex

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    Hey jeremy, just wanna say thank you so much for all your inspirational videos! I’m your number 1 fan here in Philippines 🇵🇭 More power to you man 💪MY BITCOIN ADD: 3AFNiCYng29dZt6jLXJYcTRvor6AChFKJH

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    Things has actually changed since the day i started trading with @Charles_forex09 on instagram with my investment capital of $6000 i was getting over $24000 in a weekly trade. It was something i never expected,Thanks genius

  57. http://Lorane%20Henry

    Do you have to pay your broker before you get your profits? A lot of scammers in this business and I am not trying to lose money

    1. http://Ethan%20Lucas

      No you don’t I trade under my mentor’s broker and he has been helping earn good profits with taking a dime…

    2. http://Williams%20Isabella

      Things has actually changed since the day i started trading with @Charles_forex09 on instagram with my investment capital of $6000 i was getting over $24000 in a weekly trade. It was something i never expected,Thanks genius

  58. http://Juan%20Perez

    Appreciate you OG. I’ve lost so much but I always keep getting back up $blessedthyself

  59. http://ShesMJbad

    How do you set up the indicators?

    1. http://Ethan%20Lucas

      His whatsapp

    2. http://Ethan%20Lucas

      <<< + 1 757`239~6035`>>>>`

    3. http://Ethan%20Lucas

      You need to purchase it….
      My mentor can get you indicators

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    Love your videos I learn more on your channel than any other😊 Thank you ☺️ $joij22

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    400/500$ a day in profit you good ! 😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

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      @Michael Max awesome

    2. http://Michael%20Max

      Mia Ravi I also make so much profit trading with Sir Adams .

    3. http://Michael%20Max

      He is awesome

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    5. http://Mia%20Ravi

      Speak with Sir Adams directly

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    Few months ago I needed help with bitcoin trading. A friend of mine recommended Robert for all my trades and over the months I have made something tangible to cut a deal. Well I recommend Robert for you today. You can contact him on telegram at rbmtrader1

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      great guy

    2. http://Leroy%20Jerome

      my wife and i started trading with him about a month ago and he has been just fine.

    3. http://Julie%20Herbert

      he handles all my trades

  63. http://Jared%20Lake

    I thought traders way only stalls on me lol. I love the leverage though good video! $lakejared

    1. http://Michael%20Max

      @Jared lake Invest in the most secure platform with Sir Adams. He comes highly recommended and those that have reached out have great testimonies even myself.

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    3. http://Michael%20Max

      Need an expert speak with Sir Adams directly

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    You taught me a lot man✊🏽u a real one $OnlyTheRICHh

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    Glad I found your channel. It’s so easy to understand £chynabradshaw25

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    Thank you, this was so helpful. Are you charged Commission?

  67. http://Francheska%20Keels

    I’m late but I’m catching up so I can learn about this. $niknik2692

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      On whatsapp

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    4. http://Ethan%20Lucas

      OK cool…

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    Thanks for the information Jeremy…I’m brand new and trying to understand FOREX. Appreciate the fact that you’re here…Thanks $romesmission

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      His whatsapp

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    $Cuzzo777 Stepping out on faith today! I appreciate you J.Hen, I’ve learned a lot! I’m understanding how forex is to be apart of my legacy! Thank you for having a mind to help the people. One love ❤️

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    dope video $ShanyaDNoel

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    I’m new to this trading and I would like to know witch broke to use

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    2. http://Eckhard%20Mandy


  73. http://Leon%20Manor

    Best strategies I’ve learned so far. Thanks bro.


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    Bless me bros 13eYMqwjyamzb429vmtfBXgX2SonMqmSps

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    Can I just give you my money and you make it increase I’ll give u a portion

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      Write to an expert directly on what’s app to help you

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    The competition is on and every trader wants to be the best and successful but the truth is not everyone can be successful in trading. But I still think Forex trading and crypto currency investments still remains the best option for now.

    1. http://Brandon%20Shawn

      @linda lake he really tried for you. I love that 💞

    2. http://Cleopatra%20Willis

      Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll invest my 2k with Sir Anderson help and guide. Once again I’m so grateful😇

    3. http://cynthia%20morgan

      @Cleopatra Willis Go ahead dear. Just be sure to work with the right broker and you’ll be successful in this.

    4. http://Bruce%20Flynn

      @Cleopatra Willis Sure dear you can invest. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to Forex, you can start building your success now.

    5. http://Cleopatra%20Willis

      Please I need advice on this, to know my next move

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    $bobbyfran thank you for taking the time to make this

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  79. http://GenMed

    $Bamazan small accounts need love too lol

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    What’s up man! What is your leverage setting for this? Also what lot size did you start with, and at what point can you start increasing it? It’s telling me “not enough money” when I try to trade anything over .01. Thx bruh bruh! luv your content!🔥

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    Keep doing you bro thanks for all your videos they help me a lot
    Bitcoin address 133zk4hgAkDXxFvitjrd6HYG9yE6KFqw35

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    Hey Jeremy, many blessing !!! I wanted to ask which MA do you use? Is is the Expo/Sim/ Smo??

  83. http://Twayne%20Love

    I’ll be lowkey hoping and praying I get chosen for the giveaway… I been killing the markets with the NBA strategy on the demo. Ain’t got no Cashapp nor PayPal, coz you don’t get all functions fully when you open 4rm Nigeria, so I’m hoping my bitcoin address would do(if I get lucky) Thanks in advance Jeremy.

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    Impressive man
    You’re the main man, keep doing your thing.
    Btc: 1C8ov2gyp3fzYNt1eAGNxZNhBgp6vCQRGF

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    Yo Yo Y0, I’ve been devouring your videos and taking notes like crazy keep doin what you do. $ssrolln

    1. http://Mia%20Ravi

      His Whatsapp

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    3. http://Mia%20Ravi

      @freemefree The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do,it doesn’t matter if you take my advice or not but to those it matters then you should give it a try. Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago….This is the time to start earning from forex investment,while others do nothing,you have a chance of doing something.

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    Hackcyber001 got me huge funds I invested $1,500 I received $,7500 bitcoin Gratitude 🙏

  88. http://Lyntama%20Roselyn

    Hackcyber001 got me huge funds I invested $1,500 I received $,7500 bitcoin Gratitude 🙏

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    This is AWESOME! Keep it up Jeremy! Cashapp $ShayyForeman

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    Shoutout to the small accounts $callmeSuperstar

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    Can you show me how to read time frames. Because i see you trade on all them. I tried to do the fifteen min and the 4hr and blow my accounts

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    why dont you have any commissions and zero spread the spread would be 1 to 3 pips ???

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    1. http://Abbbyy%20Maria

      Yes I’m going to watch all the series too!! Sendin you positivity in your trades 🤗

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    Fire video 🔥. 1Ju6pdfgEDsg3KT5BDZbMiTP6McWwgHrZi

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    Which leverage did u trade at for this video?

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    Hello I’m new to forex trading i have watched alot videos and cant make profit still losing can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong

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      She has been my broker for the past few month now and its been a great experience

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      She is good and guaranteed, with her you get to see forex trading from a different agules and view

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    Appreciate the effort and knowledge $poproach

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    I appreciate your great content and your humble attitude dude. It’s very refreshing! $kingDLiving13

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    Bless you for sharing this…our ministry will be in the flow studying your information. Thank you. $OS4Life

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    Hi Jeremy! I have been trading for a month now, with limited success. I watched the video of you trading in the London session where you talked about the alligator… I added that indicator, jumped in my demo account and applied it and went into profit!! Thanks for your simple instructions.. $latoyadillard

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    2. http://Michael%20Max

      He is available on WhatsApp

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      Invest in the most secure platform with Sir Adams. He comes highly recommended and those that have reached out have great testimonies even myself.

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    I got the funds just as you have promised thanks for keeping to your words Maskoffweb,com am grateful

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    This is exciting. So glad I came across this. I just started paper trading and I’ve been losing. Glad I came across your Channel. Thank you $KiairaS

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    your videos are way too helpful! The nuggets I get get shared with my whole team! Keep sharing, bro! We’re all learning and eating! $ZanaMarcelin

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    The legend back at it again . I’ve blowing accounts but I move $20 to $45 in just 3 days!!! Thanks man ,it ain’t much its definitely progress. Stay blessed up up . PayPal : britxdani

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    thank you so much for making videos I really appreciate it !! i been working on making my own products for females and my music $LovelyHeaven212

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    Yo strategies go crazy 😜 BrinaeC

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    Thanks $aminwalker

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    This is what I have been waiting for, am learning a lot from you. Thanks boss

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    God is good! solid video Jeremy. LETS GOO $bricks365

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    Thanks for all your help catching these pips $ah094623

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    How come you don’t have a commission? $cycloniclight

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    I only have $5 left in my account.. from $400. 😭😭😭😭

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    I have to try this with my small account!! $djrl91

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    May God continue to bless you … love your videos … $FCollie

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    The innovation in jeremy channel is an inspiration to all of us. God bless. $luisaspips

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    Thank so much ! It’s always a blessing $Itslexx305

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    he started with a 0.20 lots?

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    Great videos as always👏Milton Sipul🤑Paypal

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    Trying to grow mines Thanks for all the knowledge $Lehgoo

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    Jeremy are you just using the entrance from the way the market is going? I have noticed you haven’t used your own entry or SL

  130. http://Ivan%20Mcclean

    jeremy is this on MET 4 do you use Tradingview

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    You’re very likable and amazing, doing what I want to do. $abclisa

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      Making money was my first goal. But with him as my coach am also a great trader now .

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      What a great guy

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    Thanx for sharing with us! $Kyoshingo

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    Hello Jeremy. Thanks for the video bro. But I got a question : how is your commission at 0. ?? Cuz I trade on the Libertex platform and commissions are so high. Thanks . Edgar from Germany

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    Love watching your videos always a teaching moment ! $ayoomarkis

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    Stumbled on your videos a few weeks ago and I can’t seem to have enough because there’s sooo much you teach and so much to absorb! Always looking forward to them! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽🙌🏽

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    2. http://Mia%20Ravi

      He is available on WhatsApp

    3. http://Mia%20Ravi

      The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do,it doesn’t matter if you take my advice or not but to those it matters then you should give it a try. Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.This is the time to start earning from Bitcoin investment,while others do nothing,you have a chance of doing something.

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    Can you post the video of you explaining the Moving average? $MylissaLogan

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    How do you trade like legit from scratch. Or when is your course going back up.

    1. http://Ghost777

      @Quannye With Quality Go learn from baby pips for a start it’s free and it’s for beginners. Finish that and find videos and books about trading and learn about what you want to trade and specify in. Study about when to enter a trade and how to read what the market is doing , look into having a risk management that’s very important . Look at candlestick patterns and study them , look at how to find trends , Find a good trading strategy that suits you find a good pair and stick to it .

      You will lose and win that’s trading but your winning should be more than your losing . Try and find a good mentor , don’t enter those MLM schemes that drag you into getting others into the business look for those that just trade . It’s not a quick fix it takes time and you need money to invest as well so bare in mind that .

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