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Forex Lifestyle Birthday Edition


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What’s good YouTube Family!!

Wow! My 30th birthday, entering another chapter in my life. I’m definitely blessed, grateful and thankful to have come this far. This birthday is however a little different. To think just 4 years, I was stuck on being a nurse. Here I am 4 years later living a completely forex funded lifestyle.

Forex, and my online business is now allowing me to live the life that I always imagined. Being able to impact well over 500 people, placing them in position to create wealth but leveraging off of forex and an online business. In this day and age, its very important to see and know what we’re living in. I like at my past life and knew that it was time for me to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you to Forex and now my 6-figure business I’m now able to live that plus more. This video is mainly showing my birthday celebration along with celebrating a major accomplishment within my online business funded by forex.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video, any ideas or suggestions on future videos I’m completely open to them. If you’re ready for change contact me to get started with my family and I today.

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71 thoughts on “Forex Lifestyle Birthday Edition

  1. http://Keyyondra%20Brown

    Thank you so much, you’re amazing. Continue to grow queen . I’m ready to gain 6 figures !

  2. http://Diana%20Nolasco

    Today I came across your content, what you are doing for your followers is truly inspirational.. and the fact you are impacting so many lives is admirable.

  3. http://Robert%20Hugojay

    Birthday Blessings Meg!!

  4. http://FL%20Dream%20Creators

    Happy Birthday, May God Bless you with many more!!!!

  5. http://Janelle%20Bentley

    Happy Birthday beautiful!!!

  6. http://Wendi%20Anne%20Johnson

    No! You are not crazy for quitting your job…. I agreed with you😀😀😀😀
    Im working towards same goal of leaving my 9-5 and established my own financial independence to financial abundance💓💓💓💓😍😍😍✌

    If i knew these other revenues exist, i would have came off the job market 20 years ago😯

    You were SMART!😊

    I have subscribed to you and your husband channel💓💓👌

  7. http://Darryl%20Wilson

    How can I join with you?

    1. http://PatrickGolfer5555%20gmail%20com

      If you need assistance starting up I’ll help you ,that’s my mail⬆️above contact me

    2. http://Michael%20Richard

      Hi Darryl..Let me help you get started okay?

  8. http://Tiffanni%20Bailey

    I’ve been thinking about learning about trading for a few weeks now and then all of a sudden I come across your videos. You can’t tell me this is not a sign. Where can I begin? Tired of working 9 to 5.

    1. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      You can add me up on my WhatsApp too

    2. http://Scott%20Lance

      Just sent you a mail weeks ago,withdrew 7k today thanks so much for your guidance

    3. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      Well if you need assistance starting up that’s my mail above contact me I’ll help you start up

  9. http://Erika%20Draper

    Happy Birthday Meg trying to reach you. I want to ask you some more questions. Can you check your email?

    1. http://patrickgolfer5555%20Gmail%20com

      If you need assistance starting up I’ll help you ,that’s my mail⬆️above contact me

  10. http://Beautiful%20Coco

    Girl I sent an email a few weeks ago and didn’t realise you are an IM Chairwoman .
    I had joined few days before I emailed you in UK team .this is amazing .Congrats to you .keep it moving .people this is really

  11. http://bpcinvest

    Congratulations 🎊🍾

  12. http://Nkechi%20O

    Your baby is so precious! What a Blessing! Happy Birthday Meg!

  13. http://Annita%20Muraya

    Happy birthday gal.. Thenx soo much for UA encouraging words.. U have been giving me morale to go! go! go…

  14. http://Charlotte%20Bingham

    I got tired of people telling me how much they make from trades rather was interested in how they made their profit AND that’s how i got to where I am today. If you’re interested in making good money online through FOREX trading. I think you need some advice from an expert not just watching videos. That’s how i understood forex and I believe your case can’t be different. If I can improve then you can do better in forex too feel free to contact @carlos_1uptrades on IG tell him i sent you to him

  15. http://Brandon%20Davis

    Motivational Vlogs

  16. http://Brandon%20Davis

    Happy! Birthday 🎂 Meg Congratulations on all your success you motivate and inspire me to go after my dreams and Elevate higher to reaching my true potential for the last 4 years I was not a believer of Forex and I thought it was joke but now I believe in this opportunity 1,000% it’s legit.

  17. http://TradingWithAnthony

    Thanks for an interesting video

  18. http://jonathan%20kuteka

    that’s what i’m talkin’bout win win win

  19. http://jonathan%20kuteka


  20. http://tiffany%20portis

    I was back and forth between her and another young lady’s team and for some reason this girl keeps drawing me back in.. Meg I will be joining your team this week sis. I cant see me going wrong with you. You are the way for me. See you in two days. Thank You for helping me make the choice. It was watching your videos that made me want to give this my all and the inspiration you give to others is awesome. Cant wait to win with you. Lets EAT

    1. http://DaRichFamily

      Yay !! Can’t wait to have you apart of the family officially 💖💖☺️

  21. http://Perkins%20Iyekekpolor

    Texted You Two Months Ago, Still Havn’t Responded…….

    1. http://Johnson%20Billy

      @Perkins Iyekekpolor his whatsapp number if interested.

    2. http://Johnson%20Billy

      @Perkins Iyekekpolor .+. 1 3 5 2 4 4 1 2 4 3 4

    3. http://Johnson%20Billy

      @Perkins Iyekekpolor his name is Sir Nicholas Davis, works with Mega investment. He came through for me that’s why I share!

    4. http://Perkins%20Iyekekpolor

      Johnson Billy who’s this mentor

    5. http://Johnson%20Billy

      I understand I’m meant to be patient and all but mine is over 3months now. Well, I got hooked up with another expert 2 weeks ago. He traded for me and I got my first withdrawal last weekend, yeah he was the real deal. I guess no waiting for me!

  22. http://Kent%20Watkins

    Happy Birthday Luv, I see you out here doing your thing. live it up Luv, and congratulations on you beautiful baby girl. I’ve been peeping your pg out for a little minute now. & I can Honestly say that I’m definitely interested in make a move & getting things started.. I’m READY!!.
    How do I do this, what do I need to do!?!?

    1. http://DaRichFamily

      Kent Watkins email me

  23. http://Julia%20Kiiyala

    Congratulations Meg!! 😍❤❣

  24. http://kinny

    congratulations ! i dont know if you made this video already but could you show us how to retain our earnings each year, tax information for traders, LLC and trading ? I think someone told me that they flow their profits from trading through an LLC to avoid harsh taxes? I cant remember who said it or if its even true… can you shed light on that?

  25. http://Dana%20Wilder

    You the bomb Meg! I don’t think that you realize how truly inspirational you are!!

  26. http://broda%20moe

    Happy birthday Megan turn up much love from brodamoe

  27. http://natasha%20hunte

    Happy birthday Meg. I’m going to be emailing you. You have truly inspired me

  28. http://killme%2013

    Happy Birthday Meg Hw Do I Join The Family Pls Respond 😭

    1. http://David%20Malcolm

      *”‘”+ 1 6 5 0 2 5 4 6 1 4 6″‘””*

    2. http://David%20Malcolm

      Talk to Crystal for assistance on whatsap

    3. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      killme 13 if you need assistance starting up that’s my mail⬆️above contact me

  29. http://Neil%20Adams

    Happy birthday!!
    Can you kindly please check your emails please..

  30. http://Tina%20D

    Happy Belated birthday!!! I will join soon!!!

    1. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      Tina D well if you need assistance starting your trades that my⬆️mail above contact me

  31. http://Jennifer%20Hubbard

    Hope you enjoyed your Birthday…see you at the TOP!😉

  32. http://illMoneyTV

    Happy Birthday Meg!!!!!

  33. http://The%20God

    I wasted $200 signing with Meg’s team… I was with this girls team and she never once helped me connect my brokers account to my meta4… I was with her team for 30 days and not once did she ever reach out to check up on a new member… I’d recommend joining another team first before you waste your time dealing with these recruiting teams instead of real trader teams… I don’t blame IML for anything, I just joined a team that’s mainly focused on recruiting first… 👎🏽

    1. http://Sierra%20Shaw

      The God ok thanks

    2. http://Sierra%20Shaw

      I don’t think she has a telegram group? Set up with counexx. Google a tutorial it’s pretty easy.

  34. http://eureka%20gibson


  35. http://Cc%20The%20hustler

    Boss shit only

  36. http://Damascus%20Monk

    HBD to you Meg

    Kindly check your Facebook inbox

    Thank you

  37. http://Keturah%20Williams

    Happy Birthday Meg!! So proud of your success!!

  38. http://S%20J

    Happy birthday Girl…

  39. http://PudgeBeats16

    Happy birthday Meg

  40. http://Xavier%20Jr

    Happy birthday 🥳

  41. http://global1success

    Happy Belated Birthday Meg!🥳

  42. http://Mike%20Deba

    Happy birthday to Megan I wish you more money to your account

  43. http://Rasta%20Fonz

    5th comment happiest bdaaay megan!!!

  44. http://Stress,%20Anxiety%20&%20Anger%20Management

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎊

  45. http://LooneyEnt

    Happy birthday

  46. http://Dave%20Max

    Happy Birthday Mentor! More Dollars in your account … More wins!!

    1. http://David%20Malcolm

      His name is Crystal and he’s available on whatsap

    2. http://David%20Malcolm

      *”‘””+ 1 6 5 0 2 5 4 6 1 4 6″‘””*

    3. http://David%20Malcolm

      @T. ya Naunyango talk to an expert who will guide you better and help you manage your account too

    4. http://T.%20ya%20Naunyango

      I want to to do forex

  47. http://Andell%20T.%20Daniels

    Happy Birthday 🎈

  48. http://chinaza%20unanka


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