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    1. http://Christopher%20Lampkin

      Brotha, I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE to do it like you, so i can to pass it forward to the next Man/Woman.
      I just open an account but im looking at your videos and was going to practice on a demo account.
      Thank for your help in advance.

    2. http://Real%20Truth777

      Much love and respect to King! Build that legacy! Generational wealth is the only option!

    3. http://Beginner%20Roblox

      hi can you help me with trading

    4. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      @lv4l god perfect children

    5. http://lv4l%20god%20perfect%20children

      What’s information to start program

  2. http://1kbenzo

    Make a video on how u made six figures in a month

  3. http://will%20making%20streams%20of%20income

    Powerfull. Stuff Jeremy…..powerfullllll…man I remember 2018 you wasn’t in this making $100,000 g”a a month is inspiring..I bought some courses from you back in 2018& I remember you saying back then you was gonna be in one of those house’s…big motivation big motivation bruh…ole owner operator trucker is fired up lol

  4. http://THD

    Facts “rich is loud, wealth is quiet”

  5. http://Shomare100

    Thank you so very much Jeremy for not holding back these secrets ❤️💯 $Wrightfist .

  6. http://Loving%20Bae%20C

    I’m so ready to catch these pips today 💰 $shae8585

  7. http://FOOTENOTE

    Goodness gracious! What a blessing you and your family are….doin the darn thizzle!! Much Peace and Love, BigFoote $MrFoote

  8. http://Kiante%20Venible

    That jacket 🔥

  9. http://C.A

    bro? do you have a special reason why you trade on GBPUSD SOOOO OFTEN? like please explain me I like GBPJPY for example but why GBPUSD man?

  10. http://Ace’s%20Hangout


  11. http://C.%20Astiney%20Woodard

    Inspirational 🔥🔥🔥$CAWoodard

  12. http://innerbeautyluv

    Amen! This is what I’m talking about. God is good this is my desire to pay off my mom home and her car. Thank you for sharing your families testimony. Please keep bringing the content $yo0403

  13. http://michael%20majozi

    you are amazing. SOUTH AFRICA.

  14. http://PumpkinSeed17

    Wow, Brother! This has been the most inspiring thing I’ve heard in a long time. Much needed! Stay strong in the Lord and Keep Him first in all things. Thank you for looking out for and giving back to not only your family, but the greater community! I began meddling with stocks and binary trades this past month with mixed results, but with the inspiration, examples, strategies, support, love and faith you’re sharing, I finally feel ready to shift to ForEx, something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. By the grace of God, this may just be the vessel I can use to provide properly for my loved ones and the Church, the way I’ve dreamed of for decades. I’ve watched a dozen of your videos so far, and look forward to watching dozens more! God bless you and yours! ~Andrew

  15. http://deion%20dickens


  16. http://Da%20Darkside%20Production


  17. http://Eboné%20Johnson

    $EbJoyJo – and another one! Every single video I watch, I’m just that much inspired. So funny how God can use a person that you’ve never even met, through a YOUTUBE channel, to confirm what He already told you. What He does for one, He can and will do for the next. We’ll be revisiting our goals tomorrow. After all, it’s by His riches and glory, not ours! Thanks for your obedience, every video is a blessing.

  18. http://DatScorpio%20Sheila%20E

    I love your videos and I’m just about to start my Forex trading journey and my cash app is $Sheilae20

    1. http://DatScorpio%20Sheila%20E

      Jeremy Cash Young Ceo in about to message you now please look for a 901 number sir

  19. http://Dreaming%20of%20blue%20Past%20the%20waters%20edge

    My brother I love you you changing my life daily , God is good n is working through you

  20. http://Xavier%20Hasan

    Bro never caps stop playing with him and this video was very motivational we need more like these!! All praise to God $xavierhasan

  21. http://Brandon%20Jordan


  22. http://Brandon%20Jordan

    Inspired to the fullest $OLDurty87

  23. http://felicia2521

    Love these videos!

  24. http://Roosevelt%20Fambro

    Sign me up. I’m ready to learn a new way to making money

  25. http://Aumarrion%20Davis

    ❤️ thank I

  26. http://Charity%20Agnes

    So inspired thank you 🙏🏾

  27. http://J%20D

    Jeremy is the greatest PIP I know, keep on trucking Jeremy….you introduced me to the game of forex and I am hooked! Still in the listening and learning phase though

  28. http://Andy%20Robinson

    Stimulus stimulus, lol. $Tamika0514

  29. http://jayquan%20campbell

    This video just made my day bro,loving this type of energy please do more like these

  30. http://Magnito%20Tobechi

    Bless me bros 13eYMqwjyamzb429vmtfBXgX2SonMqmSps

  31. http://JZ%20Bey69

    This video is the truth.

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Thanks fam

  32. http://Clarence%20Covington

    Hi Jeremy, I just stumbled upon your site and to hear you, a young brother, acknowledging God, sharing information with others, staying away from flashy, multiple income streams, repeating affirmations, writing down goals, planning ahead, and not being afraid to step out on faith, I’m a believer. I need to learn this forex trading. It appears that it will generate much more wealth and faster than the stock market. True? You have arrived. As a retirement aged musician trying to pull it together, for the final stretch of my life. It’s never too late! Your videos are inspiring, your advice is clear, on point, and motivational. Thank you.

  33. http://Tobored247

    Bro I’m going video to video trying everything out on my demo account $alforddevin

  34. http://Deonta%20Tate

    Thanks bro

  35. http://Giovanna%20Ho-Pelaez

    You make FX trading so simple and easy to understand!! I’m new to this and I just want to say thank you! GOD has truly blessed you with wisdom not only to make money but to empower many to change their lives and live in financial freedom! GOD bless you and keep being awesome $GioMoney77

  36. http://charles%20miller

    Hello there, nice video to be honest but every time I watch different YouTube videos I see how people earn from it but no my case is different always making loss. What am I doing wrong?

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      Andycali924 @ yahoo com

    2. http://Vera%20Styles

      You need to be in contact with an expertise in trading who can trade for using Profitable strategies and also mentoring you on different strategies till you get the one that works for you. I recommend

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  38. http://Reynolds%20Charbel

    Hello you talked about and shared the contact of one ALICE PIVANE on your page some weeks back. I’m glad I invested with him and gained in weeks. Thank you!

  39. http://Larhonda%20Felton

    That’s what’s up. $larhmafe

  40. http://simplyfitnessandhair

    Awesome inspiration $CarlaSilver

  41. http://Christopher%20Lampkin

    Brotha, I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE to do it like you, so i can to pass it forward to the next Man/Woman.
    Thank you very much!

    1. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      Christopher Lampkin I think I just sent you a mail..

    2. http://Scott%20Lance

      I really needed this positive idea sir ,I’m ready to learn ..just emailed you

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      Christopher Lampkin 💯👌

    4. http://Benjaminalexgreat07%20Gmail%20com

      Christopher Lampkin that’s my mail above ⬆️contact me for assistance

    5. http://Christopher%20Lampkin

      @Consultantsmith88 Gmail com id really appreciate that,What’s his info?

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  43. http://Adrian%20Murray

    I love that you are not afraid to brag on our God. I can’t wait for my upgrade by the Lord and foe him to enlarge my territory $Shaydmurray

  44. http://Jaimeson%20Sales


  45. http://zippyd336

    I love the positive vibes man!!!

  46. http://Cecil%20Vaughn

    Glad I ran cross your page man. I’m a lil late. But I’m here!😁. Great info!!

    1. http://Doris%20Rollins

      Andycali924 @ Yahoo com

    2. http://Doris%20Rollins

      I can refer you to one of the best expert Traders who guarantees your Profit when he trades for you and also offers nice mentorship and guidance program. I recommend

  47. http://William%20Van%20Dorn

    Write your goals down $WillRatzi

  48. http://Jason%20Miller

    thanks for this video fam frfr this blessed me…may God continue to bless yall fam…

  49. http://StunnaMan%20Ao


  50. http://LuDoesMusic

    I dont understand why this video only has 70k views…but so glad its here. Thank you Jeremy and God!

  51. http://Reeko%20Gabbana

    Bro what your leverage be on to get in 5 standards wit 1200 acct? lol

  52. http://frank%20lipira

    I need some pips PayPal pips

  53. http://Crypto%20John

    This is such an inspiration bro. 🙏🏽🙌🏽 My girl and I are also looking to move out of our apartment and to purchase a house next year as well. I’ve been following you on here since January of this year and I’m always inspired every time I watch one of your videos. Ive been trading Forex since Nov. 2019 and it has finally clicked for me last week and now I can be consistently profitable and grow any account balance. Congrats on your success and I hope God continues to bless you on your journey to wealth. I believe I will be there too soon as well (by the end of the year). It’s only up from here. Blessings. 🐐🤙🏽🙏🏽💯 $JohnHarmonII

  54. http://derrickld23

    I swear Coach Cash giving the plays to run! taking it to the house 🏃🏾‍♂️ $derricklavante

  55. http://ChrisYung978

    Education is key $chrisyung978

  56. http://More%20To%20My%20Life

    Awesome bro!

  57. http://Realfamed%201

    I’m JUST learning about this and Forex. I’m still in demo. College student that can’t get back into school cause i can’t afford it. Never worked. No experience and only $10 in my pocket…. THIS VIDEO, is SO inspirational. I CAN NOT wait to learn Forex good and start a serious account. I wanna thank you man. Beyond blessed…. even with my situations that I’m blessed cause i know it can be worse. But you’ve said one word in this video that stuck out to me…. “Overflow”. Powerful, I claim it. $Realfamed

  58. http://Fernando%20Navarro

    It’s funny I do the same thing ! But one thing I lost my faith , please lord forgive me! and guide me to you !

  59. http://Skillz%20Faisal

    This video SO special to me! Let’s take out the strategy and all, you the real BOMB , imagine combining helping people to make money to motivating them at the same time?? You just showed me cmon you can do it! No homo love you bro

  60. http://Jaye%20Kaze

    i dont think any of the brokers mention are a good recommend. shady shady websites and bad rviews about them everywhere

  61. http://Ebenezer%20Okine

    Affirmations! God will see us through. 1LsCDdNr889h6kxo7rzVbtLuXeDHj5H3Qr (Bitcoin)

  62. http://Brandon%20West

    Ima start calling you “good game” lol $bwest3781

  63. http://Z%20Boyd

    I don’t see how anyone could give this vid a thumbs down! This is an excellent video! It’ss very informative and most importantly it it ignites the spirit of giving even more! My journey has been long, but like you…. I keep that same mindset which is no give up in me. Thank you again Jeremy for an excellent video! $xuxaboyd

  64. http://kyle%20Daniel

    Much love rs not too many people dropping jewels MOTIVATION at its best!!

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Thanks for watching bro

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  66. http://Nalignmentwlife%20Healing%20&%20Life%20Alchemy


  67. http://Melv%20Rodriguez

    New subscriber, and I just wanted to say every time I take a L on forex I have this impulse to quit, usually I get through it, but after watching this and ur words of wisdom got me on go mode. Hope I can learn good enough to follow in ur footsteps!

  68. http://Melanie%20Schierer

    I binged watched tons of videos. Love your videos $Rusticchick99

  69. http://Tru'Nature%20True%20story

    wow i’m amaze at your accomplishments man very inspiring $Nembhards cash app

  70. http://Austin%20Martinez

    Had to drop a comment for ya… my plan is to remodel my grandmas old house for my brother and remodeling are big back yard shed she always wanted to make a home for my moms that’s my goal 🤞🏽

  71. http://Mark%20Smith

    Big ups to you bro! Stay focused! I’m picking up everything you’re putting down! $Ajkassidy

  72. http://Margiella%20Macintosh

    lol its crazy how that 200k house would be nothing less than 400k here

  73. http://Nehemiah%20Kidd

    I just want to cover my monthly expenses for now that’s my first goal. After that the sky is the limit.

    1. http://Andrew%20Lucky

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  74. http://Temitayo%20Sikiru

    Pray in tongues. I like that. Where do you worship?

  75. http://Temitayo%20Sikiru

    God is good and am blessed to be a blessing. Much respect and love here. Never gonna give up. paypal: Rubywealth

  76. http://Temitayo%20Sikiru

    God bless you for this information. I’m taking a baby step with $10. Thanks so much

  77. http://Anjana%20Terrell

    This is very inspirational. I’m always looking at houses. You’re right wealthy aren’t flashy. God willing for me one day. Thank you for the information, LLC and Business acct. no one ever mentioned that. I’m claiming money in my account daily

  78. http://Mark%20Shields

    Bless up! 🙌🏽👏🏽

  79. http://Reggie%20McNeil

    Bro This video is so true and I have a mentor and I still follow you as well for mentorship. Keep spreading love bro and love thy neighbor

  80. http://Xavier%20Hall

    250k in Cali won’t even get you 1500sq ft. Crazy. Great content bruh. Thanks for the gems. You done unlocked the cheat code.

  81. http://Deanna%20Brooks,%20CPA

    God is giving me confirmation through you. Thank you for giving Him the Glory in this… it’s soooo powerful… $deanneb

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Thank you so much for watching 🙌🏽

  82. http://One%20Wayy

    i don’t even know you but i’m proud of you

  83. http://nichole%20morgan

    awesome tips sir………1GCVo3xq3ZAyoUUw12hpaJWorE23iotwHd

  84. http://nichole%20morgan

    awsome tips…………1GCVo3xq3ZAyoUUw12hpaJWorE23iotwHd

  85. http://Terris%20Crews

    I just need to get an understanding what’s an alligator? Is that a System?

  86. http://hammy614

    Just watched this video… saw it forming on the charts… hopped in.. $ going up !

  87. http://Lamont%20Leonard

    Dude you are so inspirational. full of incite and practical information for trading and life! Blessing to you my brother! keep doing what you do!

  88. http://Daniel%20ayodeji

    Wish I could win one of ur give aways, I really need money to trade 😔

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      Oh my days! I’m stunned.Thrilling to meet other students of Denis what a great mentor

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      I still can remember vividly the first profit i cashed out, it was like a movie to me. I just couldn’t believe it was happening. I’ll forever be grateful to Denis Mark

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    I just joined and i have been studying your videos like my life depends on them. Thanks for all these informations🙏🙏🙏
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    Thanks man. You inspire me every time I watch your vids bro. Stay blessed ,stay winning ma man🙏🔥💯✊

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    This video really helped me helped me to put things truly in God’s hands

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    i am so very inspired 🤩🤩 I want to be able to bless my family! I want to be able to create a family to live more than comfortably!! God definitely sent me to your channel!

  96. http://Deztiny%20Dennis

    I needed this motivation, thank you!

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    Really been on your vids. I’m ready to move up like the Jefferson’s.

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    Bro them cribs are cheap in your state wtf. Might have to relocate

  103. http://Rich%20Flixx

    🙏🏾 $GlennGKZ

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    Don’t short change GOD … POWERFUL

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    I love your swag can you please tell me your trading platform and broker

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    I have a Webull account. Can I do the same thing in Webull like you show in Forex? $JavierGCardenas

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  110. http://Audio%20Junky

    Praise God for your successes. Thank you for your openness. Respect.

  111. http://Tao%20Vizions

    straight motivation. watch this video once a month… that alligator is the truth!

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    Always motive me bro !

  113. http://Mark1119saved%20byGrace

    Wow! God is good bro. I am in awe of what he’s done and is doing. Keep be blessed to be a blessing. True inspiration and hope. Thank you for your generosity. Its truly appreciated. Going straight to my forex account! Lol! Much love and respect.

  114. http://Olivia%20Martinez

    Your videos are really nice

    1. http://Wayne%20Davis

      Not so long bro, about 2 months.

    2. http://Ralph%20Adams

      @wáyne, how long have you been tráding?

    3. http://Wayne%20Davis

      I just started trading 2 weeks ago with 1000$, now I’m below 500$ 😰

    4. http://Ralph%20Adams

      Yeah, quite insightful

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  116. http://AA%20Delossantos

    very inspired!!

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    You are truly a blessing to me and my family. You have taught me more about Forex than all of the courses I paid for. Keep up the good work! God bless.. $2pcg

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    $Robbydees loving these videos!!! I’m very inspired and I am now doing practice trades…Thanks to you!!!

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    Appreciate the information you put out there. Giving game to our people. Growing with the proper mindset. God Bless.

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  131. http://Latonya%20stacy

    I just wrote down my goals and affirmations. I want to say you are so inspiring and such a Godly man. When I get on your level I will pay it forward. It’s nice to see the things you like and know you can get it. Thanks again for everything!

  132. http://M%20V

    just found you, PROUD of you. spread the joy, and motivation.

  133. http://favour%20iwueke

    thanks man i love it.think BIG

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      Thanks for watching

  134. http://JAE%20WILLZ

    Got me on Zillow thinking about my life! I realized I want land in between my neighbors. I’ve seen some high prices with houses close to neighbors. I want some space and some privacy lol enough privacy to come out on my balcony but naked lol thanks for this inspiration $jaewillz

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    new to the channel and trading! this is a dope find. keep it up! $jcest94

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    I made it to the end. I’m blessed just thinking of how God is about to bless me. Thank you.

    1. http://londonsburningup

      Gradually deposit money into you account even if it’s very small. Stay positive and write down what you want to manifest. Be specific in what you want. Watch and learn and stay in the demos , you will get success you will get the money. God bless you

  140. http://Natnail%20Gebru

    God is Great video was informative and inspiring your a great teacher got the right vibration & frequency for every video just loving all this life changing info positive feel makes you learn as quick as your teaching it $NateCeogreatness

  141. http://donald%20harrison

    How do you pay your tithes and offering of the net or gross if so what percentage

  142. http://Lawrence%20Cannon

    Love it Bruh 👏🏽🙌👏🏽$9iron

  143. http://chukuigwe%20ralpheal

    Thanks bro this what I needed, I’m all the way in Kenya and your words give light. I’m gonna look for capital and start trading. Thanks again

  144. http://maxi%20gaming%20channel%20maxi

    Am waiting for your give away bro

  145. http://Johnny%20Makk

    Maannnnn. You are such a huge inspiration. I love the fact that you trust and believe in God.

  146. http://Angel%20Guerrero

    God bless

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    People say that it does lag 🤔..

  148. http://GymGenetics%20Official

    I have no idea when to take profit, when do you take profit?

  149. http://Bernadette%20Johns

    I absolutely love the love in this video that you are giving to us! You guys are so blessed and so filled with God’s love and I am so very grateful to come across this video as I have been searching for answers to how am I going to get the money I need for my down payment for the home I’m going for and look-a-here!!!! Wowzers!!! I mean there is so much confirmation in this video especially when you talk about viewing homes via Zillow, I thought I was crazy for staying on there looking at homes, and to hear you say that, I know that I am on the right path and I will be opening up my account to do this because I don’t have much time to play around! God bless you, many blessings to everyone on here. I am so inspired!!!!

  150. http://SirDevon%20HD

    About to tap in ; god first ( $irDevon )

  151. http://Andreanna%20Tardy

    $MrsATardy, I love that jacket!!!!

  152. http://david%2098

    Hey man, I loved the video, I’m a new subscriber and been trading for a year. This video was truly inspirational. I like how real and open you are, you don’t cap like the majority of the other traders out there

  153. http://Claude%20G%20Weary

    Faith is the essence of things hoped for and the evidence of thing yet not seen.

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