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    Your videos got me up watching not sure how i ended up here but enjoying the content $timlb

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    This is really good stuff 👏 learning a lot 👏

  5. http://Kay%20Fair

    Is it a case where at anytime the green crosses you go or u have to wait for a specific cross??

  6. http://Edwards

    Hey What timeframe? H4?

  7. http://Edwards

    hahahha omg your videos are hilarious! I think ive met him… I used to live in oklahoma but mainly in tulsa.

  8. http://Tereza%20Inez

    $Terezainez 🥶

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    Have been watching your videos and feel blessed to be learning a new skill $Tymes825

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    New sub!🙏🙏 cash app $zonni

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  13. http://Miss%20Daphne

    Just subscribed to both channels and instagram. I felt myself giving up until my fiancé showed me your videos. 🙌🏽

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      *Okay Text mattcype11 on Instagram for Help*

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    i loved this video $claymd2020

  16. http://jaz97

    Does it matter which timeline your looking at? I’m looking at a pair right now and the 15min says to ride it out but the 5min shows to sell.. Good thing im on a demo account LOL

    1. http://Jeremy%20Cash%20Young%20Ceo

      No it doesnt matter works on all timeframes

  17. http://Ty

    Im extremely new to trading but you mage it seen like Any 1 can do it. Good stuff bro. Oh n if you still hookn the ppl up my cash app is $judahslawns lol ijs hook a brotha up witty some money to trade wit lol jk stay up

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    Smart man on deck $drebinx

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    the beginning lol

  20. http://Darryl%20burrell

    Thanks for your Channel bro. Your vids changed my whole financial mind set rn it’s crazy. Your a blessing. Cash app $dburrell26

  21. http://Laura%20cypriana%20Ricard

    Thank you. For taking out time.. Im new and your method makes so much sense to me I will apply it..thank you!!!! So much to learn.. Amazing…$LauraEsteen8

  22. http://Paula%20Johnson

    I’m confused on one thing. Why would I enter when the charts are decreasing, wouldn’t I enter when it increases (green crosses red).?

  23. http://Beautiful%20Sunshine

    I appreciate you so much. I’m hungry to get started.

  24. http://frank%20valdez

    Hello there, nice video to be honest but every time I watch different YouTube videos I see how people earn from it but no my case is different always making loss. What am I doing wrong?

  25. http://Legacy%20Charmel

    I’ve been fumbling the bag lately but you definitely just helped me✨🥶!!! Thank you👏🏾😁. $LegacyCharmel

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    Much thanks!! $firstclassladyi42

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    I’m ready to start. $moneca1983

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    Awesome!!! Still in Demo mode.

  31. http://Ervin%20Hodge

    Do you need a broker to make money or just trade, I haven’t trade looking at vids. Starting in couple days with small account

  32. http://munang%20bradley

    No lie. My third trade just been a success again. WTF 😂😂. Bro its so real it’s fucking unbelievable…. I’m dying with laughter.

  33. http://Shyheim%20Roberts

    $420shyrown new sub how do I get your signals

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    1. http://Drazi%20I

      How much bitcoin is it worth?

  35. http://S%20A

    does this strategy work on a one minute chart

  36. http://Mohammed%20Memari

    What is the trading site or app called ??

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  38. http://Ace’s%20Hangout

    $AceBantura im new to the game this method is bouta b my intro !

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    you still giving money? 😔 $Bimad forex getting the best of my bank account

  41. http://Porter%20Houze

    I am digging the Alligator mode, I’m still practicing in the demo. Keep up the good work! $MistaPorter

  42. http://Kid%20Creative

    Man I love all of you videos and your insight is crazy. If I could make a request, Please do a set up video brother. I want me screen to look like yours and it’s already difficult because I have an iPhone so some of the things you were doing in this video I couldn’t follow because my phone isn’t set up the same. So if you ever get the time it would be much appreciated but keep doing what you do it seems you’re helping a lot of people and it’s appreciated more than you know 💯 $kcmia90

  43. http://chocolatin

    Does anybody know what the alligator indicator is called in TradingView? There are so many indicators called alligator and I dont wanna select the wrong one.

  44. http://KAYDECI

    damn dawg why am i only seeeing your channel now?! Dope and helpful vid! Just subscribe⚔️ doing my best to start becoming profitable by 2 months minimum. I got alot of time on my hands so i know for a fact it’s possible especially finding about your channel!

  45. http://Sandra%20Dinis

    Forex investment is just the best form of investment I’ve ever done. I never knew it has basic skill , I see some people loosing while other gain a lot from it , I’m glad because I’m one of the benefactors even without trading because I have a good broker who handles all my trade and It’s quite easy to withdraw my profits from my ROI.

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    This definitely helped! Thank you and that subscriber so much for the tip!!!

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    New subbie!! I’m just starting out so I’m learning but your strategy is the BEST!! Thanks for dropping this knowledge without me having to pay big $$$ for it! $Firstclassladyi42

  49. http://Darron%20Smith

    This is the video I have been looking for!! I watched a guy make $222K last night and he told me he used this method from you and I could not find the video until now!! Bro you have this 19 year old dude rich!! He hit his largest trade night last night!! I will be doing the same with this stratergy!! Thanks Bro and I loved that one hour candle scalp!! Bless you for sharing! $HeavyD1000

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      I just made $300 on my demo in 3 minutes…I will test and master this…

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    Still watching educational and funny. 😂😆😂$Chos3nOn3Sp3aks

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    $MusicFlunkyLLC I’m going to try this strategy on my live account

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      Noo don’t do that use a demo first

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    Thank you. if your’e feeling generous (New subscriber alert !! ). $yo0403

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    Wow can’t stop winnin thts a killer strategy 🔥$MargaretMkhize

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    $officialmiaberry single mom jumping into forex hoping for the best

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    $BenitezM96 -cashapp I’m starting off new I want to learn everything I can I’m from Ohio and Work is hard to find due to COVID-19

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    Just getting hip but this joint seem legit 🤑

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    I subscribed soon as I heard you say something bout The Lord amen to that😂

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    Hey!!! Just Subscribed Liked and Rung The Bell! I’m sooo excited to get started!! $Reciprocity61 Let’s get it!!! Thanks in advance!! ❤️ 🤑😁

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    Could you review the ChineTTi strategy? Some guy said it was great.

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    This look so golden I’m only lookin to see what haters gotta say

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      Drop your contact info

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    Awesome video

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    Hey can you point in the right way I am new to this I live in Wisconsin

  67. http://Atiyah%20R

    Naturally funny with a straight face 🤣🤣 🤩

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    I just put 300 new people on to you last nigh.. I’ve been watching for a bit now. Love brother

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    Blown my account yesterday that I managed to double it in a week ,im here for knowledge

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    How to get connect to your mentorship???

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      Text me

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    That intro though 🔥$getthatmoneykari

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    I’ve been watching like all your videos man! I recently started in a demo account. I was wondering how much you started with way back in the beginning of your journey?.. $retro11g

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    Super helpful !

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    Dam I can’t find that video where J-cash walks you through funding your broker with a credit card he sends it to his wife’s cash app or something like that. Anyone know what video that was??

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    Wooohohohoho……. I have been running away from trading for a very long time now. Just 2 days ago, i decide to finally get in on this thing and i stumble across this today….. can’t wait to try this straight up. Good bless you Sir for sharing. I’m thrilled!

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    💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 I was here thinking I need to learn when to get in, and get out. Them boom!!! This was my next video. Can’t wait to practice on my demo. $CryptoMarv

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    What was the name of the app so many pop up in the app store

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    Should u alway use the 4 hour time

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      Jeremy Cash Young Ceo tapping in bro

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    Ok so i started a demo account with 3k. Last night i made 12 trades, each of them made money. So i was 100%. Total earned, after commissions, was $588. Took about 3 hours to do.

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    Thanks bro,already made money using this

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    I want to start to use the forex how do i on my phone

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    Thanks bro. It really helped. U just made me a professional trader in 20 minutes.😂

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    $EbJoyJo – just found you last night, me and my daughter fell asleep listening to one of your videos. Soon as I woke up this morning I popped back on YouTube and made sure I was subscribed! I can’t lie, that money you be giving out would be a blessing! But with the education you passing out, I’m trying to be a blessing to other folks too! Thanks for the knowledge and the opportunities 🙌🏾 keep being a blessing and Watch how God keep it coming 💯

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    awesome video. what is the best to trade on? M1, M15, H4?

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    So cash is this strategy good for every time frame?

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      Nvm you answered the question!

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    You did not explain what the rsi was used for…..

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    Breh the intro. Lmaooo

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    if its that accurate why do people even do any other strategy?

    1. http://RaShawn%20Harris

      A lot of these strategies be pretty accurate basically these folks give tips and what you can do tbh this one is the most easiest and most accurate but that don’t change the fact that you have to study and try to learn and find what’s best for you I used this but I also still study my graph and use other strategies remember just because it look good don’t mean you should jump in got to study and put in the work.. if you have academy I suggest you study and practice practice practice.. get with me if you want to join the team stay up !

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      @Helen Mark how do u confirm if the trader is legit or not coz the scammers are also there even more now during the pandemic.. is it true that people can trade for u as form of investment and they charge % in your profit?

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      I dont Understand!!!!! If its really that easy why do other ppl make it so hard to understand!!!! Lol ugh. Im getting that indicator ASAP!!!

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    Hey J! I just wanna say thank you for the free info, this is rare to get for free…I haven’t try the indicator yet but I really have a strong believe that I’m going to nail it. I’m trying it on a demo of course then I’m off to live account…may the good Lord protect you,your family and bless you even more. Love and Respect all the way from South Africa.

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    Do any of you know how to start Forex as a TEENAGER? Everytime I try to use my SSN to purchase bitcoin, they wouldn’t accept underage.

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      Have u tried going through a professional?

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