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You want to know the REAL…. you want to tap into the mind of a foreign exchange trader. Here’s my story, this isn’t about stocks. That’s something TOTALLY different. This is about FOREX. Why I got started, the real reason, + FOREX EXPOSED!

Forex is SIMPLE! It’s sold as the easy quick fix to life. In reality, if it were that easy. Why would anyone successful need to sell you the formula when they could make MILLIONS!

The fact of the matter is. They’re NOT making millions, nor are they living a Forex Lifestyle..

I actually liked making this video. It allowed me to be super transparent. Anyways, I encourage you all to follow your dreams no matter what it is.. Forex has allowed me to live an AMAZING lifestyle and if you stay true to your charts…… you can too.

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    great video on your channel. Thanks. cannot wait to watch more videos from you!

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    I knew it!! Thank you for giving us the truth. There are waaaay too many people out here selling “courses” and humble bragging about what Forex is doing for their lives. 🙄 While I’m sure there is a massive opportunity for financial gain, Forex trading is exponentially more involved than just “learning strategies”… At least that’s what I’m now realizing. Those people are making most of their money from people who want to learn the skill as opposed to actually trading. Wish you would consider mentoring, if nothing else 😊.

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    9:00 Minute Mark…Epic Moment!!!! PROTECT YOUR ENERGY FROM BULLSHIT!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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    He said “money is energy” …. Subscribed

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    Love the realness of this! I like these style videos. Brings me and my trading back to reality

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    Respect bro bro 🙏🙏🙏

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    “YOU have to learn how to invest” 💯 in yourself and in trading to be successful, patience and consistency ‼️ luv the millionaire mindset! Universe runs on energy. Peoples energy definitely effect you 🧘🏽‍♀️

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    when his girl call 🤣 that’s probably how my bf be behind the phone lmao

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    “It’s gon rain tommorow” lol besides that I’m learning bro, appreciate ya information..

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    You look so young. How old are you?

  33. http://Gerald%20Williams

    She legit just called to see if he was doing what he “Claims” he is doing. Trying to catch him slippin??? Why?? He’s in the middle of giving wisdom to the community. I bet if he doesn’t pick up………you already know its a problem……smh. Protect your seed!

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    dope. funny and wise.

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    What your saying hits hard!!! LOL I subscribed and I’m learning something new everyday… demo account stratagem; keeping energy is needed as well! Thank you bro!

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    Man I fux with you G. A real one Joe ya dig

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    does anyone know a good forex signal provider?

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      @Dennis Mantineo not true..

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      @Dennis Mantineo exactly, everyone wants the easy way. Can’t they just learn how to trade

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    “I love my time” and the talk about “energy” was spot on.

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    Thanks brotha.

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    Teach me you will owe me nothing am I’m. Trying to learn but that graphic chat mess me help

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    “It’s gon rain tomorrow? 🤷🏽‍♂️” yooo hilarious, I felt that, subbed

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    Thanks for the lil Game and Motivation gang! For a beginner! ✌🏾

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    That wasn’t a weather warning call… that was a cheater check call … she protecting her investments.

  48. http://Smith%20Original

    Ty you funny man! Thanks for the tips, just jumped into the game and appriciate all the advice you offer! Thanks for being real on your video’s love the authenticity man. Looking forward to watching more of your video’s.

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    inspiring story bro

  50. http://M%20Doshan

    Been watching your videos and u know exactly what u talking about 💯 I think persons sleep on RR and MONEY MANAGEMENT if the herds focus on that they will be great with 3 months you don’t need a holy grail strategy

  51. http://Mr.%20PIP

    At 1st when I started watching this video, I was like man who tf is this dumbass, 5 min into it you won me over. We went through a similar journey, and you said it… the #1 way to be a loser in this game.. greed.. Hey I wouldn’t mind being on the Lakers with you but I feel you on not dealing with people.. energy vampires

  52. http://Ainsley%20Stewart

    hahahaha…shorty called you to tell you “it’s gonna rain tomorrow?” Bet!

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    “Nigga I been ducked off , eatin”

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    This was helpful thank you 😊 I’ve been trying to learn more info and I keep running into those bogus course promotions. Although this isn’t a how-to like those videos it was helpful to learn about your experience and advice

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    Hello, I’m new to forex i have been making huge losses, would anyone tell me what to do

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    You are awsome, its rare that u find someone with that geniune good energy mate, keep it up, and God bless

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    Now, he on some real Hero shit

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    Bruh I fw the vibe hard

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    Imagineif more young black men had this mindset in business

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    Hey can get your email I now got into forex but I’m a beginner ik nothing a about forex

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    LOL my girlfriend was what your mom was to me LOL Broke up w that B though!

    1. http://Elevate%20Trading

      Love it bro, love your page and energy. Year 3 for me, i know for a fact this craft will take me where i want in life. Cheers G

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    I’m gonna try it. F it!

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    Yahh people need to stop lying mahn? 😴😴

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    Great Vid and sharing this!. Do you trade day trade or prefer weekly/monthly longer bigger trades?

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    Can you teach me

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      The expert can help.

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    My ninja got a tat of trading 😂😂. You need a movie Gangsta of Wall St.

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    Much respect TY you in Orlando holler at me 1

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    The more this brother speaks the more I fw him. Bare wisdom

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    Men I honestly have 2 year studying and practicing and I finally have a nice strategy is like you say men once you have a strategy stick to it used everytime

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    I finally found my strategy just trading paperless money in the demo version. My mistakes I put real money in the market with out training trading on the demo platform. It got so easy.

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    5/30/20 just started learning Forex this month and man you keeps it REAL! mad *RESPECT+* Subscribed

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    Yeah you are right, I came in made a few bucks and almost blew my account.. Keep pushing.

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    Bro you just earned a subscriber, you might be the only brother in this industry who isn’t with that MLM bullshit,

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    Got get it thanks homie

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    Good shit my nigga

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    8:20 Thinker

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      11:00 nvm just anti Fe in general

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    Dude I beg you sit up

  86. http://Sibongile%20Zwane

    This is so true bro. My psychology has been killing me. I was introduced to Forex 3 years ago. I have had highs but mostly lows. I have been touching and going a lot but one thing that stands out is I know what I am doing with my technical analysis and entering trades. It’s my greed and “wanting to get rich quick” that has screwed me over. So I definitely can relate to what you said at the end about having to break certain barriers in your mind that are working against you in the market. I will be taking my 30 pips and trailing my stops. THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH THAT I KNOW IS TRUE AND HAVE BEEN DUMB ENOUGH TO IGNORE.

  87. http://BRIAN%20ATINGA

    Yea we like the Cam..5months later

  88. http://Soul%20in%20Training

    This makes me want to learn and get into forex trading. What’s a reliable forex trading platform?……Lol I still be watching stuff on periscope.

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    Absolutely love!!!!! I am on this level all day! Just trying to master my strategy. 😏

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    Man’s got forex tatted on his damn face, that’s some real sht

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    she gon fuck you up for this video lol it’s gon fuckin rain tomorrow ?!😂

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    Bro salute. Time IS MONEY

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    Lmao answers a call inbetween a YouTube video mood. Lol

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    I’m trying to star Forex trading, I have done to learn

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    9:15 “it’s gon rain tomorrow” aww she’s like a little old lady talking about the rain lol that was sweet ☺️

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    outro realest shit ever
    whole vid

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    I was out in a day lol

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    when you said “you’re not going to get much real work out of me it’s trade or d🌸e lol I felt that 📊☺️ thanks for being an inspiration Ty 🤗🙌🏽 bless up man

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    sounding like me dawg earned my subscribe

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    How old are you TY?

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    Never let another person handle your own finances. Don’t let other people learn off of your hard earned money. You lose you learn, then you win.

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    Damn u look like Soulja boy

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    “its gon rain tomorrow?” HAHAHA broooo

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    my man keep on doing it black man! i’m a come all the way up!!!!!

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    Dude so inspirational and probably don’t even realize it. When you see a bruh that’s relatable being successful, it inspires you to step your game up. One word in this video is very important to me. Consistency. That is so important when it comes to trading. Not being consistent cause me to miss $1200 Friday. I didn’t lose it, I just missed it being greedy but ill get that opportunity again. TY love the video man. You just made me wanna step my game up and be more discipline and consistent. Keep doing what you doing and hopefully other young blk men and women will follow. Im eventually gonna trade more than just stocks and check this Forex game.

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    I really look up to you !! Keep up the good work

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    new subscriber so cal

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    I love how all these so called traders don’t ever talk about the tax implications of trading short term

    1. http://Chinh%20Phan

      Tax is inevitable. Most platforms like thinkorswim will send you the necessary forms during tax season. To be safe just account 20% of earnings towards taxes. If you’re really winning 30%. Straight forward.

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    What broker do u use

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    I don’t know if you should marry that one? She totally threw your energy off bro🙅🏽‍♂️🤣. (Woman can be a blind spot).

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    It’s gonna rain tomorrow lmfao hahahaaha

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    Real talk king.. effort with a Saban and a Belichic game plan? 👑

  124. http://Jae%20C.

    Fam. Your vid is the truth. I bought a crypto trading course and sent that shit back the next day once I realized the other 50,000+ YouTubers teaching for free.

    You also said you ain’t got time to be holding a MFs hand thru the shit teaching a course, it defeats the purpose of trading. Exactly

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    Indeed u’re so inspiring man

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    How you doing bro.? Just kinda new still. I am going to do forex, I love you to help me for 90 days. Or just be there for support. I looking to lose as I learn, it’s the curve. I know its temporarily at the end. Who dont lost when starting the profession of a new craft. Theres knowledge of things, then wisdom (application) then understanding. Where you are presently. I know theres gona be a progression. Baby, teenagers, then adulthood. Then old age, back to wisdow (old wise owl) Would you help me, if so how long ? Just need the basic concept to climb the mountain myself. I honestly like your presentation. No cloudiness, just simple. I know it work tell you find your niche

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    Random, but you look like Sean Reed. That guy that got shot the other day by police

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    Baloney nobody makes money on forex, get rich schemers.

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      Babypips is definitely a lot more detailed and easy to follow. They go through it well so I understand it way better, they do use great example too. But if you don’t like reading it might get boring? (I personally enjoy it) they also have quizzez after each ‘topic’ to review what was learnt.

      Fx academy uses videos however so if you prefer that. They’re a lot more quick paced though and don’t delve into as much detail. But the drawings they use in videos are good visual helpers, they caption and have small quizzes after each video (they’re short) to review what was said.

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    I’m always going to be a student ready to learn some new shit. Learning to be a good trader is kinda my shit right now, since late November all I been doing is studying the forex shit. Since I found your videos that are the most helpful to me, I’ve been following the blueprint and bread crumbs. I know I’ll be great at it, it’s all about the knowledge, pros and cons and advancement for me right now especially since I came out of social media hiding, lol.

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      @Erechukwu Uche Oh don’t play. ​ i’ve read what you and susan fake grooves up there wrote time and time again in facebook, telegram and in youtube. That’s all I am saying. If someone asks you to whatsapp them or email them, then the probability of it being a gang of thieves are approx 99%+. Not going to mince my words. I’ve been on the web since 1995. All you have to do is see that ‘you guys’ reply to almost everyone’s comment in the same spammy way. Then a few more reply and give you kudos in order to appear to validate their spammy scammy attempts. Good traders and brokers exists. but they sure aren’t soliciting business in the comment section of youtube videos.

      Again, NOVICES AND NEWBIES and those of you looking for support, training, and a service provider, DO NOT respond to any of these commenters. Find someone YOU KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST. Don’t meet Santa Claus in the bathroom of a greyhound bus. Don’t meet your next insurance man in a dark alley in the hood. BE SMART.

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      It ain’t meaning that no good one exist anymore.
      It’s just so many channels on YouTube about forex.
      Not everyone of them knows the best strategies and all but they still got followers.
      What matters is of you are blessed enough to meet a good and honest one and at the same time, be smart with your dealings.
      I met a good broker in a comment section and I ain’t regretted any moment of it

    4. http://Queen%20Wiki

      Be careful with the scammers that comment on everyone’s post. They will tell you to contact some dude or gal. They will give you an email address, etc. DO NOT DO IT! IGNORE THEM. Best to you and be careful!

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    Fast forward to January 2020, my daughter sent me a text that she’s trading along with a video. I checked it out; the young lady who’s trading is in that same opportunity that I spoke about earlier. She’s sharing tips, etc… couldn’t really vibe with her.

    I search and find your video. You have the same philosophy as I do, ”Money is energy manifested on the material plane.” Everybody is not my cup of tea and I’m not theirs. I’m not here to make money with everybody. I only want to make money with the right people who are like-minded and like-spirited. I will be watching your playlist with my sons and I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you to learn more. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re an integral person.

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