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How Much Money To Start Trading FOREX?! Education 

How Much Money To Start Trading FOREX?!

How much money to start trading forex is a question that I see alot of people ask about.

This video discusses some things to take into consideration and keep in mind when you are deciding how much capital you should start live trading forex with. Hope you enjoy!

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*Disclaimer: All information in this video is from my opinion and in no way am I an expert on trading forex. The information provided is based upon my personal experience and opinion and I encourage you to do your own research.

Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, there is no additional charge to you!

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512 thoughts on “How Much Money To Start Trading FOREX?!

  1. http://Lina%201

    After watching your video I turn from ‘unrealistic’ into ‘realistic’ thinking. Thank you

  2. http://Shaunette%20Phillips

    Living in Jamaica, this is definitely not for me

  3. http://Capitano%20Abti%20Doon%20MacQulSomE

    Great Video and The way You Explain and Make Us Undestand Is Realy Really Fantastic…Thank You Coach Candice.

    Your Student From #Somalia…

  4. http://Typical%20Ns


  5. http://james%20waweru

    thanks for that wake up call.

  6. http://Anonymous%20Fitness

    Thank you for being honest other channels talk alot of shit. You kept it very real

    1. http://Chris%20Philip

      You can still be trading with us and be making your double profit forex trading does not have limit

  7. http://Propertypro%20Team

    It’s good to keep us smile with your good video keep teaching us dear

  8. http://Anozivaishe%20Kuwandira

    Hie… wanted to ask which forex broker is the best here
    2. XM Global
    3. OctaFx
    4. Hugosway
    5. IqOption
    6. FBS

    I’m from Zimbabwe ( Africa) so these are some of the Brokers I have access to…
    I usually hear withdrawal issues with many brokers
    Thank You ☺️
    Big sis keep doing this good work

  9. http://premier%20league

    Good sensible real world advice

  10. http://Gloria%20inneh

    Love the fact that she mentioned mindset. You have to be mentally stable to start trading with your hard earned cash! Thanks C!

  11. http://S%20Lin%20W

    Good video! Thanks 😊

  12. http://JazzyLiveSet%20_


  13. http://JazzyLiveSet%20_

    Can you tell me what broker is best to use?

    1. http://Chris%20Philip

      @JazzyLiveSet _ are you interested in knowing more about forex trading and ready to invest and be making your double profit forex trading does not have limit of trading

    2. http://JazzyLiveSet%20_

      Candice B thanks so much

    3. http://Candice%20B

      There is no best broker but I personally use Hugosway & KOT4X

  14. http://Sun%20Moon

    Omg I’m soooo happy I found you!!!!! You have such a beautiful energy and spirit. Very soothing and calm demeanor. Thank you for the great great information lovely!!

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Aww thank you ☺️

  15. http://Bridget%20Shin

    What trading demos do you recommend?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Any broker that you sign up for should give you the option of opening a demo account

  16. http://Oty%20pops

    I love the way you explain it with some extra shots

  17. http://Randy%20Dick

    Just about to get into it so I am doing my research. Your video was very helpful and informative.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      I’m glad that it was. All the best to you!

  18. http://bella

    Do any of you know how to start Forex as a TEENAGER? Everytime I try to use my SSN to purchase bitcoin, they wouldn’t accept underage.

    1. http://James%20St%20Patrick

      How old r u

  19. http://Willie%20Fea

    Can one trade without a broker and what would you recommend for someone who has never trade before? to trade with a broker or without a broker?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      A broker is a prerequisite with trading in the Forex market

  20. http://Larry%20McGill

    What is a good starter app for forex trading? This my first time, I want to start off investing small until I get use to it??

    1. http://Sun%20Moon

      Celia Mcdonald Lol 😝 thank you ❤️

    2. http://Celia%20Mcdonald

      @Sun Moon no love it’s just for practice

    3. http://Sun%20Moon

      Candice B can you make money from this “demo account”

    4. http://Larry%20McGill

      What do you suggest? What app should I get to sign up for a broker then later go live?

    5. http://Candice%20B

      Best thing to do is sign up for a broker and open a demo account until you find a strategy, then go live

  21. http://Ronald%20Seymore%20Jr

    I like your approach, I’m interested but would like some help, I will continue to watch your videos. Can you suggest some material I can research. I have some friends who have fallen to the marketeers. I’m more of a researcher. I like to make wise decisions with the best chance of getting ROI. Keep making videos by far the most pleasant approach

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks☺️ I always recommend going through the education section of as it breaks everything down very nicely. Also, the books that I have linked in the description are helpful reads as well

  22. http://CHARMAGNE%20PRESTON

    Hey what is name of instrumental and where get it from

    1. http://Candice%20B


  23. http://Shevanise%20Mckenzie

    How do I start trading?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sign up for a broker & fund an account

  24. http://Asha%20Smith

    Thanks you so much this help me out alot

  25. http://Ebony%20Black

    It would be helpful if you provided some examples of how much money is needed to start eg to supplement income.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      You can start trading with any amount of money, it’s up to you

  26. http://Peace%20Opara

    Wow,very informative,thanks

  27. http://Ibukun%20Simplice

    This was really helpful and I’m so happy I watched this video cause I believed in the whole 100 dollars to 100000 bs. And I really wanted to learn more and I’ve been doing a lot of research but this video was really educating. Can you personally teach me how to trade on forex?

    1. http://Ibukun%20Simplice

      Thank you so much 🤗🤗❤️

    2. http://Candice%20B

      I’m glad that it was helpful ☺️ I don’t mentor but if you’d like my recommendation, feel free to check out @CueBanks, @WicksDontLie or @FalconTradingGuidance. They’re all reputable mentors in my opinion

  28. http://Scorpion777%20Silvermoon

    You are knowledgeable

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you☺️

  29. http://Scorpion777%20Silvermoon

    Im more of a stock market player myself. I love stocks

    1. http://Candice%20B


  30. http://CoyiaOfficial

    This is a great video, it made me want to learn more about forex.. I create music but love finances so after watching this video I decided to interview a forex trader if anyone is a beginner like me you should watch to learn more!

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching, that’s awesome!

  31. http://Mr%20Freeze

    what about the winning day? how much did she make ? need to factor that in 😛

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Haha very true! I doubt she made much if she couldn’t manage her risk 😭

  32. http://Mr%20Freeze

    i’m aiming for 10k a day.

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  34. http://Ant%20Hynz

    Hey im new to this i want to learn more from u

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sorry I don’t mentor. But if you’d like my recommendation, feel free to check out Cue Banks, Wicks Dont Lie or Falcon Trading Guidance ☺️

    2. http://robertwilly809gmail%20com

      Hey Ant. Let me help with your trades okay?

  35. http://Aneshia%20Gordon

    Loveeeee the content, I was just watching to learn more about forex but had to subscribe! Your personality and clips 😂🥰

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Aww haha thanks for watching & subscribing! 🤗

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    Thanks alot Candice B I was really getting annoyed with those spammers on social media.

  37. http://Tiray%20Grant

    Can you teach me

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sorry I’m not a mentor. But feel free to check out @cuebanks, @wicksdontlie or @falcontradingguidance!

  38. http://Tsungirai%20Masona

    You’re so beautiful

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you☺️

  39. http://Ms.%20Chocolate%20VSG

    I just started trading in May 2020. Thank you for sharing 😉

    1. http://Ms.%20Chocolate%20VSG

      Candice B Thank you so much 😊

    2. http://Candice%20B

      That’s awesome! All the best in your trading journey☺️

  40. http://Rene%201111

    Great video. New sub here💕

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for subscribing! ☺️

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    so blessed I can now support my family thanks to this method here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  42. http://Israel%20Joseph

    Hi Candice, are you currently active on IG? Would love to connect with you.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Not really lol I’m currently more active on here but I will be becoming more active on IG soon☺️

  43. http://Shamario%20Patterson

    Great video and very thorough analysis and is making me think properly before I start trading.

  44. http://Xoliswa%20Tshungu

    Interested in trading but no idea what it is. Where and how to start

    1. http://Candice%20B is a great starting resource

  45. http://Xoliswa%20Tshungu

    Yo whats no pliz

    1. http://Candice%20B


  46. http://shermaiah%20thomas

    very informative thank you

  47. http://William%20Bell

    Any apps or websites you recommend?

    1. http://robertwilly809gmail%20com

      @William Bell started your trades yet?

    2. http://William%20Bell

      @Candice B For FOREX and educating myself for beginners?

    3. http://Candice%20B

      For what exactly? If you’re talking about learning forex, is a good resource

  48. http://Dale%20Brown

    By far the best explanation of how it works so far. I know it’s a lot more than what is covered in this video. But what you did cover is well presented

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks! Yep, definitely just surface level info

  49. http://Property%201%20Vegas%20LLC%20m

    Love This… Love The Hair..

    1. http://Property%201%20Vegas%20LLC%20m

      welcome@Candice B

    2. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you☺️

  50. http://Abubakari%20Mohammed

    which forex broker do you recommend , I just start to learn how to trade.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      I use Hugosway & KOT4X

  51. http://Abdullahi%20Kudu%20yandalu

    Am dam proud of you and your info you share may the good God bless and make you prosperous

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you!

  52. http://AC%20TheReal

    Something ain’t Right Lmao 😂 Great Vid

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Lol thanks!

  53. http://MrThuglife404

    I wanna learn where should I start. I heard of iml

    1. http://MrThuglife404

      @Candice B why should it be. Avoided

    2. http://Candice%20B

      Going through the education section of is a great starting resource. Lol in my opinion, iml should be avoided but to each their own

  54. http://sylvie%20Watson%20Trading

    I got $10,000 for a trade I started from with $500 and I don’t regret.

    1. http://robertwilly809gmail%20com

      @kris56144 yeah. Let me help you out okay?

    2. http://kris56144

      Is there a way I could get you to teach me?

  55. http://pat%20Bosher

    Isn’t that how it starts. Start small to get grips and familiarise yourself with live trades.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Technically, there’s no status quo on how to start. Depends on the person

  56. http://expressivelyFi

    Do you recommend to pay for a course ? Or learn on your own through books etc? Also through a broker is that when You have to make an account and start demo accounts first ?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      That’s subjective since everyone learns differently. If you feel like you’d need someone to guide you, a mentor could be a good route. If you are self-sufficient, learning on your own could be a good route.

      Yeah you need to sign up with a broker to open a demo account

  57. http://Tina%20Pitts

    Thank you for all your info

  58. http://Joshua%20Thomas

    Candace not only are you good at explaining trading, I think you also have a future in comedy.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Haha wow that would be something, thank you☺️

  59. http://Jonathan%20Jackson

    If want to trade and make about $30-$70 per trade how much should I deposit in my account

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Honestly, it’ll be hard to make any decent returns with anything less than $5,000 I would say

    2. http://Jonathan%20Jackson

      Candice B Any recommendation👀

    3. http://Candice%20B

      That’s a subjective question. I can’t tell you how much of your own money to deposit into your own broker account

  60. http://REELTRINI27

    Excellent video you broke it all the way down for the dummies who don’t know better I’ve been wanting to get into forex but I think I’ll wait till i get some emotionless capital love your sarcasm too igreat minds think alike 👌🏾 subscribed queen

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Emotionless capital, I like that🙌🏽 Thank you for watching & subscribing!

  61. http://gothiqa%20-

    I heard people say forex was a scam but this sounds too convincing and I wanna try it.
    I don’t know what to think lol

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Lol forex itself isn’t a scam but alot of people selling forex courses are. You just have to be careful

  62. http://Beauty%20Sefala

    You’re amazing 🙂

  63. http://Thimo%20Hangula

    That was awesome…love keep up girl

  64. http://Dwayne%20Parker

    I like the way you explain forex trading, thanks for the content, I’m on a mt4 demo account I will go live soon

    1. http://Celia%20Mcdonald

      Are you with a broker

    2. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching & all the best!

  65. http://Juan%20Velazquez

    Staterd with $99 last week. In $140 this day

    1. http://Juan%20Velazquez

      cars trucks nah mt4

    2. http://cars%20trucks

      Using Robinhood?

    3. http://cars%20trucks


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    Wow what an informative video. Thanks a lot I’m definitely subscribing 👍

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching & subscribing☺️

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  68. http://swirlcrop

    Good video.

  69. http://Dripping%20KT

    What are good booker websites to start?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      I can’t recommend brokers but I personally use Hugosway & KOT4X

  70. http://Robert%20urriza

    tou have any signals i can follow? 😎🙂

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sorry, no I don’t lol

  71. http://Princess%20Rachel

    You are so helpful thank you ❤

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching ☺️

  72. http://Dorothy%20King

    I enjoyed the information I am new at trading I will use your nuggets.

  73. http://Shae%20Butta%20Baby

    How do you withdraw your money ? I see so many videos teaching you how to fund your account but no one talks about how to actually withdraw your profits

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Every broker has their own method, so you’d have to look into those options with the specific broker. It’s as easy as funding your account

  74. http://Henry%20Higgin

    Beautiful and insightful…I appreciate your instructions.

  75. http://Mara%20Mara

    There is someone that reach me on instagram and tell she was an account manager.. and she said this “As a beginner I will help and guide you trade to make huge profits but I’m entitled to 20% of the profits I make for you” you think shes legit? Can i believe her?

    1. http://Mara%20Mara

      Candice B she’s agreed.. 😱.. last time she show me her account from blockchain by screen record from her phone too.. what should i do? Give a shot? 😐

    2. http://Candice%20B

      Tell her to prove herself for free first

    3. http://Mara%20Mara

      She ask me to open coinbase and ask me to buy bitcoin between 1k-10k but she want me to put 3k.. she didn’t ask anything yet about my account.. u think what shoud i ask her to make sure shes legit? If is not so thant i block her.. 😛

    4. http://Candice%20B

      Lol probably not

  76. http://Dennis%20Scott

    I think your video is very informative God bless you thanks.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      I’m glad! God bless🙏🏽

  77. http://samuel%20bolanle

    Awesome! Thank you Candice B. My granny used to say “Golds are not found on the surface of the earth but underneath earth, only worthless things are left on the surface”. This says much about scammers out there. If they truly could do what they claim they do, they would have kept it to themselves – SAMUEL, LAGOS NIGERIA

  78. http://F%20Stöver

    Good video.

  79. http://The%20Maestro%20Speaks

    Great video, you give an honest view on trading forex. The possibilities are endless. Keep up the good work

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching! I agree, endless opportunities 🙌🏽

  80. http://susan%20w

    thank you again for using the layman’s language to address all the things I have been thinking about with respect to this. your language and the length of the video are good for programming oneself.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad that it was helpful

  81. http://Mimoe

    Thank you for this. Finally found one which is easy to follow.

  82. http://Melinda%20Goins

    Thanks this helps me

  83. http://Dr%20Sauce

    Why don’t people just hold what they got til it jumps back up in there favor I mean it’s gon eventually go back even and profit, I’ve been – 100 for a cpl hours then it jumped up to like 150 +

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    Your beautiful great video and info thank you👍😀

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    Candice, do you train on Forex? I love how you explain things. And you make your videos fun to watch too.

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you☺️ unfortunately I don’t teach/mentor

  86. http://LiveWell%20WithJoy

    You are amazing! Great video. Thanks for sharing and the resources on Forex! You have helped me so much! I will definitely be following you.

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    2020 is Forex Year !

  88. http://Tony%20Allwell

    Pls I have been studying the forex for some months now and have even tried trading with binomo which a different platform for trading. My question is I want to invest with legacy Fx and I don’t know how legit this platform is, pls do you know about legacy Fx. Thank you I enjoy ur content keep up

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sorry, I’ve never heard of them. Thanks for watching ☺️

  89. http://MostSleptOn1%20Hayes

    Informative and entertaining, always.

    Love the videos

  90. http://Stephanie%20Pimentel

    Do you have any pairs you recommend to study and stick by?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      A good rule of thumb is to trade pairs based on the trading session that you choose to trade in (ex. GBP pairs in London session, USD pairs in NY session). USDJPY is a pretty smooth pair to start with☺️

  91. http://ahmed%20izhaaque

    I wanna develop you robot (ea) for you free of charge as a not very good a forex but good at programming

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    Good video going too share

  93. http://Mckenzie%20Strong

    If anybody is serious about learning to master trading in the Forex market, please send me a message on Instagram @_mc_ma_st_ . I trade with a very dedicated team who truly cares about your success and progress! We trade as a team, host trainings, and have a group messenger where we update and stay connected (all ages, all backgrounds, all ranks). If you’re interested in changing the course of your future for the better, please, please, don’t be afraid to reach out. 🖤
    I’m not here to sell you a dream, I am just offering the proper information and a chance for you to learn the skill.

  94. http://Realm%20Of%20Akachi

    How do we start a demo account?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sign up with a broker

  95. http://Ghettonasty1914

    Is this money tax free or you have to claim it?

    1. http://Ghettonasty1914

      OK, thanks! Like the pics

    2. http://Candice%20B

      In Canada, it’s taxable income

  96. http://Faith%20Walkz

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  97. http://Godpower%20tv

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    I believe in Forex so much that I joined an academy to teach me. I didn’t want to pay for something to teach me but I just tried watching countless youtube videos and no one was able to explain it. But 2020 is our year yall, No matter how we choose to learn this craft!

  99. http://Cheese

    Music is too loud compared to your voice :/

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Nothing I can do about it now since the video is already up🤷🏽‍♀️

  100. http://Stefanus%20Mutileni

    Hey Candice, I recently started learning how to trade and have been watching lots of lots videos but when I stumbled on your channel, I should say that I finally have someone who really brings the fun to my learning journey!!! Appreciated!! 🌻

    1. http://Xoliswa%20Tshungu

      How did u learn mam. So interested but dont know how to start

    2. http://Stefanus%20Mutileni

      @Candice B thank you, you are appreciated. ☺️

    3. http://Candice%20B

      Hey! Aw I’m glad that you’re enjoying the videos, all the best on your trading journey☺️

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you☺️

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    If you want to be a successful trader, make sure to study forex. There are a lot of forex courses online from which I did self-study at learning center. I started with that and used a fx signals to guide me.

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    This is the most helpful and honest video on YouTube about forex! Thank you so much for being real girly!

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching ☺️

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    Just subbed…I’ve been looking for info on this and so far your the ONLY person who is making it make sense to me😅

  106. http://Panannah%20_

    What does it mean to blow an account? Can you add funds to it after it’s blown or do you need a whole new account?

    1. http://Panannah%20_

      @Candice B thanks a bunch for responding 🤗

      I’m new here and loving your channel.

    2. http://Candice%20B

      It means that you’ve lost all of the money that you’ve deposited. Yeah you can add more funds to the same account

  107. http://Bite%20TheBait

    Your video adlib game is on point.

    1. http://Candice%20B


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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you for the kind words ☺️

  109. http://Mstardom%20Finance

    In order to prove to my little sister (18 years old) that Trading Forex is the real deal, I have added this video to my website where my sister can watch and listen to your teachings from a lady’s perspective. I won’t post the website because this is all about you (Candice B), your quality of teaching videos, and your genuine contribution to the lives of young women; I am very proud of you and a very big fan of you and your continued sincerity to providing truth when speaking about Forex trading that have changed my financial life. I watch your videos from time-to-time as my way of making sure I am not deviating from the basics of being a successful Forex trader. I would like to feature you in one of my upcoming Economic Review Broadcasts of Financial Markets. I would do an editorial piece on how you are instilling the confidence in young women through Forex trading. You can send me a text at 631-747-7237 to let me know what you think about the suggestion. It would be like an interview. We could do a phone interview if you would like. It is all up to you if you have the time.

    1. http://Mstardom%20Finance

      @Candice B Yes, she has, and your video will further confirm to her that Forex trading is the best way to go.

    2. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for the kind words & for watching! I really appreciate it☺️ but I’m a pretty lowkey person though haha. Hopefully your sister ends up looking into forex!

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Glad it was helpful! Thanks for watching ☺️

  113. http://Robin%20Castle

    Is it smart for college students to commit to fortex? Also, doesn’t that money have to be reported as income, so would it affect my financial aid?

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Sorry, I have no idea

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    You made me watch the whole video because you are very informative and talk so soothing. And mind you, I know everything you said. So I’m subscribing!!!

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you for watching & for subscribing 🤗

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Lol unfortunately it takes money to make money

  116. http://DHarouni

    Great video. Loads of people just flex and don’t talk about important stuff. Risk management is so key yet loads of people don’t use it! Earned yourself a sub girl, keep it up!

    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks for watching & subscribing! Exactly, it’s so key🎯

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    2. http://Candice%20B

      Thanks, I’m glad it’s helpful! I’ll be honest, growing a small account will always take very strict discipline on your part, so I’d suggest that you work on your forex psychology. There is a book called Trading In The Zone which is specifically for psychology!

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      Thanks for watching ☺️ very true, your patience and discipline is more important than how much you start with!

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    5. http://The%20CPA%20GENIUS

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      I’d personally suggest that you learn on your own (or invest in a mentor/course) as opposed to relying on a signals groupchat ☺️

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      In terms of books, I’ve read quite a few including Naked Forex, Trading In The Zone and The Secrets To Emotion Free Trading ☺️

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Good question, I’d say that it depends on the individual’s ability to grasp the concepts and apply them as well as how much time someone has dedicated to studying! Whatever has been working for you, keep doing that for sure☺️ thank you so much for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it!

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      It’s very important that traders must understand that patience is what it takes to survive in forex trade. If you look at the fake flamboyant life displayed by some of this marketers who call themselves trader’s, you will be forced to blow your account, hence the need to rapidly increase lot sizes. Just chill, follow the trend, trade when your mind is stable and don’t let emotions get to you. Don’t be to excited and don’t be overly careful, cause that’s fear.
      Most importantly get a trade group that have the same passion for profit like you and you will enjoy Trading.
      This was an advice from a colleague who introduced me to a trade group ” The Money Circle” and I’m proud to be a member of that trade group. They sure set me on the right part in Trading.
      One for all ! all for one !

    3. http://MAHOYA%201

      Trading is not hard to understanding as quantum physics will be. All you need is a trading strategy that fits you, a good trading psychology and a proper risk management. Without those you can turn $500 to 5k just as it easy you can blow that you account with one trade. With these you can only gradually grow your account to what your are saying after a period of time

    4. http://Randy%20Marsh

      rufdymond It’s all about the discipline, if you’re not using proper risk management and using emotions for every trade then yeah you’ll loos everything

    5. http://rufdymond

      I’m sorry but I totally disagree with you…doing that is not trading, its gambling….can it be done, absolutely. However becoming a good trader is about long term sustainable consistency. After 8 years trading I’ve so far never blown an account, only because the mentor I had when I started drummed into me that you are a money manager first, and a trader second. If you approach trading from angle of protecting your capital first that’s the best way for longevity. By the way this was a great video….

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    1. http://Michael%20Palmer

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    2. http://Candice%20B

      Yeah it’s the one that definitely helped me start to learn (amongst reading books like Naked Forex & Trading In The Zone)

    3. http://Michael%20Palmer

      @Candice B Ok was this the website you personally used to learn how to trade forex.

    4. http://Candice%20B

      Good morning! is the best free resource on forex in my opinion ☺️

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      My pleasure! Thanks for watching ☺️

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    2. http://Candice%20B

      That’s great that you understand what you need to work on & that you haven’t blown your account (Don’t say ‘yet’ lol) ☺️

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      Thanks for watching!☺️ I mainly used Tradersway

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    2. http://Chaney%20Frederick

      @Candice B lmaooo 😭 I totally understand, I’ll try it out .
      Thank you 🙏🏼

    3. http://Candice%20B

      The video would only be about 3 minutes long to be honest 😅. When you select ‘new account’ in MT4, you just have to search Hugosway and both ‘demo’ and ‘live’ will appear as options!

    4. http://Chaney%20Frederick

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    5. http://Candice%20B

      Currently Hugosway

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      I’m so glad to hear that, thank you for watching! ☺️

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      Totally up to you! Depends on your comfort level

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      I appreciate you watching my video! However, I do not mentor

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Daniel Athanasius – yours as well! ☺️

    2. http://Daniel%20Athanasius

      @Candice B That’s a very very valid opinion

    3. http://Candice%20B

      Of course risk percentage is subjective, right? Not everyone is going to risk 1% on every trade. But you & I would both probably agree that the less risk on one’s account, the better. If someone is just starting to trade and they’re not a trained technical analyst like you said, risking 5% shouldn’t be what they focus on. Also, if someone is overtrading because they haven’t accepted the risk that they’ve personally laid out, then maybe they should be asking themselves if they are trading to make money quick or to actually learn the skill and treat it like a business..That’s just my opinion though🤷🏽‍♀️☺️

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    3. http://Candice%20B

      Darius Jr. – I appreciate your kind words ☺️

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      I BELIEVE IN THE CREATOR – I wish you nothing but success in your new trading journey! If you continue to gather quality information and develop good habits from early on, then you will definitely start to see results before you know it. Thank you & God Bless you too🙏🏽

    2. http://I%20BELIEVE%20IN%20THE%20CREATOR

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    3. http://Candice%20B

      Hugosway & KOT4X. The trading platform that I use is MT4

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      Thank you for the video suggestions! Yes, I’m mainly a scalper

    2. http://DaniSpeaks%20Finances

      Candice B also a day in the life of your a full time trader would be good content. Also discussing the type of trader you are and why? I think I read in the comments your a scalper, is that correct.

    3. http://Candice%20B

      Sure, I can make a video on that☺️. It would always be a good idea to start with pairs that have lower volatility and don’t move too fast such as USDJPY

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    1. http://Candice%20B

      What do you mean ‘pay in order to trade forex’? If you mean that you don’t have to pay for a mentor, you’re right. But of course you need capital to fund a forex account

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      Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to watch them ☺️

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