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How To Open A Forex Broker !


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What’s good YouTube Family!!

This has been a suggested video, how to open a Forex account. Hugo’s way is the broker that I use. So, in this video I’m going to show you’ll how to open a Forex broker account. I’m also going to show you how to fund and attach your forex broker to your metatrader 4 platform.

I use Hugo’s way & KOT4X Forex broker accounts. However, you can also use Fx choice and trader’s way if you prefer a different Forex Broker.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video, any ideas or suggestions on future videos I’m completely open to them. If you’re ready for change contact me to get started with my family and I today.

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  1. http://William%20Masha

    Hi meghan I just finish watching 2 of your video, I am thinking about getting into Forex the first video was getting in at small amount of money being that I will be a beginner so I will contact you for more info

  2. http://Tio%20Yulanda

    I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Tiffany Anderson, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade

  3. http://Doyle%20Ministries

    What an amazing journey! what is the average time to get your Hugo account and CashApp verified? I am still waiting and it’s been a few hours? thanks

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    Have you considered doing 1 on 1 training.

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    Av never done Forex but would love to but I don’t know how

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    Can you do a video opening up an account with FX Choice because I have a demo account for right now? I would appreciate that.

  8. http://Kassandra%20Pagan

    Do you absolutely have to do it through bitcoin? Can I do it through regular USD account?

  9. http://Dorcas%20Bill

    I was referred to this platform by a friend online and i thought is a scam company,but i was moved to try and here i earned…just want to share this testimony on here contact Charles_Forex on Instagram for guidelines .

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    Thank you for your video was very helpful and I liked, subscribed. 😊

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    Do you need a Level 2 computer?

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    Girl you talk too fast. What?

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    i have been looking for someone like you for sooo long! its a blessing i just stumbled across your channel today!

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    another amazing video, thank you for taking the time to help

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    Sis, thanks for the info, i knew nothing about forex until today, i was looking at another tuber video about forex and you video pop up. I take nothing for granted and take everything as a sign when something is meant for you. Definitely going to set up my account, get some studying and get into making this money. Millionaires in the building.

  16. http://Octavia%20Lacey

    Why going to fast

  17. http://S%20Files

    I love your message at the end. Bless you and your family! We are breaking generational curses, and establishing generational wealth! 🌱

  18. http://N5%20Freestyle

    8:36 how did you get cash app link with bitcoin

  19. http://Christopher%20Lampkin

    Love the Pips pay my Bills ✌🏿

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    I got tired of people telling me how much they make from trades rather was interested in how they made their profit AND that’s how i got to where I am today. If you’re interested in making good money online through FOREX trading. I think you need some advice from an expert not just watching videos. That’s how i understood forex and I believe your case can’t be different. If I can improve then you can do better in forex too feel free to contact @carlos_1uptrades on IG tell him i sent you to him .

  21. http://Tracy%20Collins

    I really would love to start. please be my mentor and help me get started. i watch your video but a little uncertain on how to start. i want to partner with you…..

  22. http://LahLah%20Emerald%20Devoe

    Thank u so much. I’ve tried to get help from so many people, even tt a male broker…who wanted to do everything for me, not wanting to explain. You’ll be blessed. I subscribed & will follow you on all ur platforms. Thank u again.

  23. http://Linda%20Douglas

    I’m having a wonderful time trading with Mrs michelle philips. Her trading system is simply the best. I traded for almost two months without making a single profit but all that changed with Mrs Philips around

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    Have anyone else emailed this lady and she never responded?

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    Can you find your account with regular debit card instead of buying bitcoin?

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    You so right they will come online telling people to click next and make appointment lol you are a genius who have a good heart ❤️ and just why you will be successful because of who you are. But some people even though the have wealth they still want to suck the blood 🩸 like vampires out of people who just want to learn lol 😂 but you are not like that May God bless you and your family.

  27. http://Frederic%20Mulika

    Thanks for the info

  28. http://ckhrys%208622

    Hi i am ah beginner og forextrades in my profit now is $8000..
    for withdrawal it is need to pay first $600..

  29. http://Ahamadu%20Sandary%20Alex

    thank you so much

  30. http://micah%20r

    Nice video

  31. http://Melissa%20Joseph

    Which cash app to use i am new to these things?

  32. http://Lenah%20kemigisha

    Why Bitcoin? interested in learning how to trade?

  33. http://ken%20hall97

    Forex market is no heaven, if u think your gonna get rich overnight, think again. Beware of mentors, teacher and trainers who basically sell you courses and packages,and depend on that as their primary source of income but they don’t even trade the markets with their money. they’ll encourage you to bare uncalculated risk which will result in huge financial losses for you. If u wanna learn forex, seek to understand the game rather than making fast money.

  34. http://Elan%20Clark

    Good stuff!!

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    I just started watching you and love how real you are!

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    Your last statement 🔥🔥 new sub ❤️

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    Thank you Meghan 🙏🏼🙏🏼 this has helped me a lot I finally can now start trading 💕💕💕 great video 💗👏🏼

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    Why can’t I open up my Hugo’s way with real 3

  39. http://Kenny%20Dee

    When it comes to trading Forex and stock market, professionalism, experience are points to watch out for if you desiring lucrative investments. Invest with Mr David Haggard, an account manager

  40. http://Vince%20Wilson

    Do your research on these brokers people. Forex isn’t as easy as everyone thinks especially the brokers who manipulate your trades and stop loss hunt.

  41. http://Charneal%20Merrell

    I Love the tranparency but I call it being detailed. I’m a detailed oriented person. The way you do it is like step by step. Does the entire community have same broker?

  42. http://Debbie%20Mackey

    Hello, what is the website for metatrader 4? I would like to use my desktop but I’m pulling up several different versions and metatrader5

  43. http://AshleyH2198

    If you start with a small account what is the best leverage to start with

  44. http://naturallypuffy

    I love this channel. The way you explain the information you provide is extremely helpful.

  45. http://Carlos%20Roman

    I have problems trying to verify my account on Cash App. Stuck two days in a row with a “Verification in Progress”. Anyone else? Any suggestion?

  46. http://sydney%20johnson

    I completed these steps but it keeps saying invalid account

  47. http://dklysu

    In all my years of investing and research the most valuable insight I made was get in touch with Mr Notch , @notchgreen on telegram. I’ve been able to recover all that I lost in the past through using his trading services. I earn upto 25% weekly ROI (return of investment) through him.

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    You’re great thanks sis

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    Bop coin

  50. http://Eardley%20Martin

    Do you have to open your account in bop coin or can you the account in USD currency

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    Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Can We be Friends? :3

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    How much do you charge to start trading Forex?
    I’m going to be a complete beginner so I have no idea how to start.

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    Thank you for your time🙏❤️🌺

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    It would really do people some real good if they should learn the art of trading for themselves

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    that shirt is to tuff 🔥

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    I got Hugosway

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    Don’t worry, you’ll be switching to KOT4X soon enough. When HUGO’S Way starts messing up your trades, it you can get in, when you need to get in to enter a trade…

  60. http://Jessica%20Newsome

    Why do you not fund the account with usd? Is there a reason for using bitcoin? Thank you for all the info!

  61. http://jonathan%20kuteka

    hello i really like your videos you are really inspiring me so i’m actually learning forex for 1 month ago i’m constantly learning it and i think, i will start trading after i master everything

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    You can trade metals but not indexes on traders Way

  63. http://Z%20Boyd

    OMG !!!! Screaming thank you Meg for this video. I sent you an email and I believe this video is going to help my son greatly thank you!!! Excellent value and content ….and I promise…. when I come up…. I’m going to do just like YOU said, sharing the knowledge to bring generational wealth! That’s a promise!!!!

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    Meg, you are real and I love your transparency- I know that you have other mentees, so I will follow you and comment on your social site

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    Thank you!

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    👍🏽 Good video

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    why use bitcoin and not just usd?

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    Can you kindly do a video of having trailing stop loss

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    Can one connect the broker with tradingview? You’ve talked about meta4

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    What is the minimum you need to deposit if you only want to trade the indices?

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    And I was just looking into one!!!

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  73. http://Kevin%20Jackson

    Is Hugo’s way a safe broker? My friends tell me they’re not regulated? I just opened an account and I would like to build and save my founding in this account.

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