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How To Turn $5 into $1000 in LESS THAN 30 DAYS TRADING FOREX | TYLLIONAIRE People & Blogs 


A lot of people have been WAITING for this video to drop. I’ve previewed a few pieces of it during the creation on Facebook and Instagram. I should’ve recorded the ENTIRE process all the way through but I got lazy like you’ll see in the video lol.

So this process took 22 days. I’ve made it duplicatable, and if you want to learn more, go watch the rest of the videos on my page. This will make PERFECT sense.

Develop your trading plan and try out some of the excercises explained in this video. You don’t need to be DISTRACTED selling courses to your friends and family. You don’t need to “BUILD A TEAM” you need to TRADE…

TRADING is a “FUCK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY” type of sport. It’s DOG EAT DOG… You may have friends, most likely you’ll have GREED. This shit isn’t for the weak and it’s not all sunshine and daisy’s. You WILL lose over time and QUIT if you’re not a rock and can get over the humps.

Although, if you’d like to remain taking the hits until successful, this path IS for you…..

Enjoy this video, some people will LOVE it because its RAW and others will HATE because its soooo RAW…. if you just learn to TRADE from FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS…. you’ll NEVER buy that pump and dump shit anymore…

Want to connect more and see MORE forex lifestyle stuff…..

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** Updating with MORE 🔥every friday of this month until the spring/summer collection drops.


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    Dont let it get you discouraged or wanting to quit…it does NOT mean your a bad trader…i dont care what “millionaire” trader claims he never gets stopped out..thats Bullshit 1000% EVERY trader gets a SO..nothing is more frustrating then being stopped out 5-10 pips away from a turn around spike and it hits exactly how you planned…its frustrating i get it…what i do is this…
    if you start getting frustrated…get out of the trades your in and take a break…eat something, take a walk, hit the gym whatever…but the WORST thing you can do is whats called revenge trading…where you slam trades in trying to recover what you got stopped out on. DONT DO IT
    2.) Get out of the trades your in and switch back to your demo account and do some more back testing on your strategy…see what your missing and potentially doing wrong…adjust your stop loss placement…refine your entry points…the markets are the wild west right now…I got stopped out tonight on 3 trades in a row…back to back to back…on set ups i had been trading successfully on all day…on my LIVE account…
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