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Impromtu live…

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27 thoughts on “Impromtu live…

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  2. http://Monicah%20Ngugi

    Hi meg its monicah from kenya i want to join in hv been following still learning

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    i want to join

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      I salute you queen, you spoke your truth and testimony about a week ago within the Rich U community and I wanted to say thank you!

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      kenny stew you can WhatsApp me 1(973) 314 9218

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      That’s my mail ⬆️ above contact me I’ll assist you

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      If you need assistance starting up I’ll assist you as beginner

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    Hey Meg family happy birthday

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    Hey Ruchfamily that cool I need to learn how to catch a fish

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      Contact on whatsapp.

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      Need help trading??

  7. http://Josette%20York-Lovell

    Hello Meg. Greetings from Barbados. Congratulations on your rank up.

  8. http://Antonio%20Ricky

    Atlanta GA..whaddduuup!!!!

  9. http://Splash%20jackson

    What’s the best way to prospect? I’m in the business but I have a very small circle of friends so my prospect list is small

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  10. http://Anderson%20Woyike

    Hi is good to see you in U-Tube

  11. http://lizzy%20manda

    Lovelmeg…….thank you so much….. because of you….am gonna be the first ever young African fx trader….thank u

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  14. http://Trinbago007

    Hello love

  15. http://Jaleshia%20Oliver

    In Houston

  16. http://Jaleshia%20Oliver

    Hey!!! 👋Can’t wait to get started with you!!

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