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6. NAS100 (NASDAQ)
8. SPX500

You can call this the FOREX HOTLIST! Each of these pairs offer numerous opportunities for multiple trading types. In the comment section, comment what type of trading you do…. are you a swing trader, a scalper, both?

Add a combination of these to your quotes screen, find a broker that offers great leverage, amazing spreads…….. and MOST IMPORTANTLY…. a great withdrawal history.

** If you’re watching this on MOBILE… to see the board… (ROTATE YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS) or press “full screen” to view the FULL SCREEN.

DISCLAIMER: ** TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK…. Do not risk more than you can lose at any given time…. Do your own research before jumping into the market, then execute. 🙂


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    I cant find us30, nas500, and spx500 on mtv. Where I do find them?

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      @JON FX okk

    2. http://JON%20FX

      Depends on broker that you are using may not provide those markets

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    But if you have a larger account, then hell yeah feel free to let your trades ride out, coz ur Margin level can handle that shit.

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    1. http://TY

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    You can give a fish and feed them for a day, or you can teach them how to fish and have them feed for a lifetime… bottom line—–> trying to learn from the best hands on live to have my time and money work for me. Independence for the whole family….. let’s eat! Much appreciated T.
    Love the hits also. Be smacking them like a concert up in the crib.llol. stay up.

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    2. http://FxSamurai

      @Emma Louise I feel ya. I am truly not going to do the internet fight thing over this. My mistake if I put it out there about your intent if that is not the case. Yeah, if you simply watch him and manner, you will see that he isn’t trying to sell anything. I caught that from the beginner. Unlike Bruh-Man.

      As for your reasons, that makes sense. Definitely LOA.

    3. http://Emma%20Louise

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    4. http://BRUH%20MAN

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    5. http://FxSamurai

      @BRUH MAN Definitely not sensitive. Maybe he’s is, maybe he isn’t making all the money he is advertising? But, he is living in a dope apartment in Cali, on the money trading setup, etc (stuff you don’t get at Rent A Center). So ge is doing something right? Plus, if you are doing your own studying you’ll see that what he is discussing isn’t basic stuff, along with IML!

      I tell you what, you go ahead and stunt on what he’s making and I’ll soak up the knowledge.

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