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The Number One Forex Community ( #1Forex Group )



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I wanted to make this video because I know how important it Is to join the right community with so many Forex Groups floating around joining the right Forex Community can cut your learning curve in half. Especially if this is something you’ve never done before; you want to make sure you’re partnered with the best individuals and forex community there is out there. So, this video is vital and necessary for people to see and understand that we currently are the number one Forex community there is right now.

You see when I first started trading Forex, I was thankful to have my spouse on side of me holding my hand through my entire process. So, I told myself that when I starts having mentees down the line, I will do the same. I would never just throw anyone to the wolves. I will literally hold your hand the entire way, similar to being a newborn baby all the way up until your 18th birthday. Since I’ve been apart Forex, which is going on 5 years now, I’ve yet to see any other Forex community / Group like us out there. Which is why I’m so confident in saying and meaning that we are the number one Forex Community / Group!

The main difference and plus that I see that our Forex Community offers is different webinar schedules everyday teaching trainings on chart set ups, setting you up with your accounts and making sure you’re in a winning position and also providing signals and charts that allow you to be profitable from your very first day of joining. Most Forex Communities / Groups I see is usually one or the other and nothing at all. You’ll always obtain unlimited mentorship access to top leaders within the community as well as top Forex educators there is out there- PERIOD!

You see so all this is important when you’re thinking about taking that leap of faith joining something that is unknown. It’s a secure feeling knowing that you have an entire Forex community something like a family rooting you along the entire way. Never leaving your side even when you become that pro, that’s very important in the Forex. So, there’s no need to be nervous, fearful or unsure. Because what you have here is the number one Forex community!

Send Me A Message to Get Access to Our Forex Community


Snapchat: Lovelymeggggg

JOIN MY FOREX COMMUNITY by contacting me via email below
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Top Forex Community!
Number one Forex Community !
Forex Communities !
How to pick a Forex mentor!
Change your life with Forex
Forex trading for beginners and how to 10x your life Fast.

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22 thoughts on “The Number One Forex Community ( #1Forex Group )

  1. http://Karla%20Tatum

    I am so excited! I am so ready to be apart of your team. I’ve been watching your videos and I want to go full force with this. I already sent my email just let me know when to start!

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      hey Karla have you started your trades yet? i can also give a helping hand with your trades. send me an email ill help out

  2. http://Elizabeth%20spells

    how can i join the community

  3. http://SBK%20SBK

    Please help mee i need to learn this im from south africa i dont have mentour

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      hey buddy, let me help with your trades okay send me an email ill assist you navigate the stock market,

  4. http://Autumn%20G

    heyy girl! can you let me know the name of the community ? i’m considering joining the group!!

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      joined out yet or started with your forex journey?

  5. http://Latanza%20Holman

    Are you stuck making payments if you want to leave community?
    Are auto payments ONLY taken or can monthly payments be made as needed?
    Is this true?
    $235 to join pls $175/mo

  6. http://Marie%20Ordel

    I’m ready & taking notes from each video!!! I emailed you.

  7. http://Kylie-Ray%20Gabb

    I wanna join you

  8. http://Life%20inside%20data

    Hey Megan when you pay for the package how much more would you need to trade with thanks

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      started out with your trades yet?

  9. http://iAmRobynNicole

    I’m not sure if mentioned it, but I didn’t catch the name of the community, what is the name? Thank you

  10. http://Timothy%20Battle

    Good Evening Meg How can one join your community? I’m already a part of a community… But love to learn from others.

  11. http://Neil%20Adams

    Does IML set up for someone like myself from South Africa?

    1. http://DaRichFamily

      Neil Adams yes, email me !

  12. http://BAYO%20ARABA

    I need  a mentor. How much is the package?

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      started out yet buddy?

  13. http://Vivian%20Kiwale

    I will definitely join your community you inspire me a lot

  14. http://Chris%20Sanchez

    This is so helpful I just started trading recently and still lack the knowledge and skills to be profitable. I’m thinking about joining your community. I love how you guys have the tools that you do and actually do calls and recordings where we can interact with you and learn more rather than just taking a course and just going off of that.

  15. http://Joshua%20Jackson

    🗣That’s me and my wife asking a question 🤣🤣🤣🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. http://DaRichFamily


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