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What I Do To Start My Trading Week

What I Do to Start My Trading Week!!


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What’s up Family,

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on how I start my trading week. So, what better way to show you’ll than by a video.

Sundays are one of the best days that I picked to start my trading week, why?
Because it’s the day when the markets not only open up for the week and I’m able to look at the weekly outlook for the week. But within our community we do 2/3 calls that day looking over the market and different currency pairs to closely pay attention to throughout the week so that we can execute the most profitable trades possible. Which is vital for a Forex trader to start their trading week.

So, in this video I will give you a glimpse of the day in the life of a Forex trader and what I do to start my trading week!!


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Snapchat: Lovelymeggggg

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25 thoughts on “What I Do To Start My Trading Week

  1. http://One%20Truthful%20Trader

    Consistency in trading has only come to me/us, because daily we hold positive patience, strict discipline/risk money management and confidence when in the opportunity flow, all within our very close truthful trading team.

    @ (see all live daily money results)

    We believe in YOU!!! i promise You, you CAN do THIS!!! – What you waiting for? See you soon!

  2. http://gpitts08

    Love this!!!! thanks for the BTS…….where do you get your music from?

  3. http://Vin%20Clare%20Martin

    I am probably to far but good deeds though. Greatings from Namibia 🇳🇦👋

    1. http://johnny%20whack

      Your too far to do what ?

  4. http://A%20Day%20in%20Jay's%20Life

    I finally signed up with your platform!!!!

    1. http://George%20Hirchert

      @ShayLocs N Styles started out with your trades yet?

    2. http://George%20Hirchert

      @arlene villalobos have you started out yet or you still need help with our trades? let me help out okay?

    3. http://arlene%20villalobos

      I emailed you but haven’t received anything :/

    4. http://ShayLocs%20N%20Styles

      This is my first week watching. Are there videos on how much it is to get started?

    5. http://DaRichFamily

      A Day in Jay’s Life yay!!! 💖💖

  5. http://The%20Black%20Hippie

    Thanks Meg for answering my questions!!😃I’m so excited!!

  6. http://Emrah%20Gedik

    Have you telegram?

  7. http://Chrissy%20Steward

    Hey Ms Meg can you send me the link again because I don’t see it so i can send my money now.

    1. http://Mzingisi%20Mbalo

      Please forward link to join group

    2. http://DaRichFamily

      Chrissy Steward yes email me

  8. http://PlusSize%20Boo

    I love your vibe and attitude. I keep coming back to your videos. It’s heavy in my heart to get started. I’ve been so frustrated cause I’m not struggling financially but i am struggling mentally cause i know i deserve better. I just need to push myself harder in a new direction 😥

  9. http://MsSexyDiva4Lyfe

    Thanks Meg! I’ve been watching all of your videos tonight!

  10. http://Bongiwe%20Phewa

    Hi, thanks for the interesting videos, I’m interested in joining your community to get me started, I’ve sent you an email from

  11. http://Tea%20xxx

    This is just great I won’t to join you, you are good at teaching

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    This is awesome meg I’m joining your platform this weak learning a lot

  13. http://Richard%20Cloete

    Hi Meg I’m from Namibia I’m interested in Forex need help from you plzzz

  14. http://Marve%20Odiamehi

    Thanks once again for the information. My name is marvellous and I am interested in joining your community. I have not traded before and I want to get more informations about your community and how to start as a beginner also to ask some questions, so please reply my email or preferably call me on my cell number I sent you via my email, thanks.

    1. http://Porsha%20Land

      DaRichFamily what is your email ? I am so interested !

    2. http://DaRichFamily

      Marve Odiamehi awesome email me!!

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